Quantum Computing Device Architectures & Systems

Leuven - PhD
Meer dan twee weken geleden

Explore the impact of existing silicon quantum computing device prototypes in large-scale quantum architectures.


Quantum computing offers the promise for solving exceptionally hard computational problems in an efficient manner. The last decade has witnessed crucial advances in developing small-scale quantum computing prototypes on a variety of platforms – including semiconductors, superconductors and trapped ions. These developments, along with the potential of quantum computers to crack hard problems, have attracted considerable interest from academia, industry and government. Spins in silicon are a promising scalable platform to realize qubits – the fundamental building block of a quantum computer – due to its similarity with standard microelectronics fabrication techniques, compactness and long stability times. While the development of silicon quantum computers is progressing rapidly, the scale-up of the existing prototypes to large-scale architectures is an outstanding challenge. This is partly due to fundamental differences in the operation of classical and quantum silicon devices, and the infancy of quantum computing research so far. 
In this PhD research, the candidate will take part in the quantum computing project of imec. The aim of the project is to build large-scale quantum computing systems of the future, and use it for potential applications. The role of the candidate in this project is to explore existing silicon quantum computing device prototypes, benchmark their performance when implemented in large-scale architectures, and then design efficient strategies to implement basic quantum computing algorithms on them. The position is focused at modeling and design at the quantum systems and architectural level. The candidate is expected to leverage input from and be a liaison between internal staff and collaborators spanning fields of device fabrication, integration, cryogenic measurements, device modeling, quantum circuit synthesis, micro-architectures and quantum algorithms.

Type of work: 20% literature, 40% modeling, 40% design

Required background: Electrical or Computer Engineering or Physics background with high interest to quantum systems. A good understanding of the physics underlying quantum computing, modelling quantum systems, programming skills and computer architectures are strong plus. 

Supervisor: Marian Verhelst
Co-supervisor: Wim Dehaene

Daily advisor: Fahd Ayyalil Mohiyaddin

The reference code for this position is 1812-94. Mention this reference code on your application form.


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