Student project: Biomedical Antennas

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Analysis and design of bio-medical, on– and in-body antennas


Student project: Biomedical Antennas

What you will do

We currently experience a growth in the research, design and development of on- or in-body, electronic, biomedical sensors. These sensors communicate their collected data preferably wirelessly to the outside world. Therefore, the need for miniature antennas, adapted to the biomedical environment has increased. The reflective, conductive and lossy biomedical environment and the – in general – small volume available pose specific demands on the antennas to be developed.  Several miniature biomedical antennas have been developed at imec recently for different applications. Most of these antennas employ folded strip or microstrip structures to comprise a resonant current path within a restricted area.
Since this miniaturization and impedance matching technique appears to be a viable way forward in designing antennas, we want to develop a generic analytical model for such structures. These models will allow for a fast analysis and therefore can be incorporated in a generic software optimization shell for synthesizing antenna structures. Time-consuming full-wave analysis then only needs to be used in a final, fine-tuning step, thus minimizing the overall antenna design time. The models will be based on small dipole equivalent circuit models, adapted to meandered dipole antennas and extended to folded dipole antenna structures modeled either as a combined antenna and transmission line or a combined antenna and t-match structure. These models will be developed in MatLab and verified using CST Microwave Studio. Specific designs for 2.45GHz for use below the skin and for 868MHz for use on the bone will be developed. Prototypes will be constructed and measured using in-house made body-mimicking phantom fluids at TU/e. Measurements will be compared with analytical and full-wave simulations and will serve in updating the models.

Main tasks

  • Develop analytical models and implement in software (MatLab).
  • Run full-wave simulations (CST Microwave Studio).
  • Design (test) antenna structures.
  • Measure (test) antennas in free space.
  • Learn to make phantom fluids and measure antennas in those fluids.
  • Report.

Who you are

  • You are a Msc student in electrical engineering with an affinity for biomedical applications and electromagnetics.
  • You are available for a period of 9 months.
  • You are experienced with programming (MatLab or other).
  • You have followed a course in antenna theory.
  • Entitled to do an internship in the Netherlands.
  • Motivated student eager to work independently and expand knowledge in the field.
  • Good written and verbal English skills.
For internship opportunities at imec in Holst Centre, please visit the holst centre website:


Click on ‘apply’ to submit your application. You will then be redirected to e-recruiting. 

Please be advised that non-EU/EEA country students that are studying outside of the Netherlands, need to have a work-permit to be able to do an internship in the Netherlands.



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