Thermal modeling from 2D to 3D systems, including process to system, power delivery for 3DIC and cryo-DTCO

Leuven - PhD
Meer dan twee weken geleden

3D Power Delivery and Thermal modeling


Increased power density of future 2D and 3D integrated systems will require very tight co-optimization of device and standard cell options and 3D integration schemes, power delivery and distribution architecture (front/back-side power delivery etc.), and overall system design to enable best possible Power, Performance, Area and Cost (PPAC) benefits. All these options will significantly disrupt well established design flow methodologies and tools that will need to adapt and be extended to support future system design with these technologies. In particular, the thermal modelling from the device up to the system level needs to be considered.

In this PhD, you will

  • Establish Original methods to enable thermal modelling and analysis from the device up to the system level and including package (2D and 3D).
  • Apply these method to the optimization of PDN and 3D systems. Indeed, the produced information will be used to generate appropriate constraints for the system design as a feedback to place&route steps.
  • Validate the proposed methodology to provide system to technology trade-offs and quantify PPAC of realistic systems.  In particular the case of cooled electronics for high performance computing will be considered.​



Required background: Electronics, Digital system design, Semiconductor device Physics


Type of work: 50% modeling/simulation, 30% system design, 20% Theory


Supervisor: Dragomir Milojevic


Daily advisor: Satadru Sarkar


The reference code for this position is 2020-048. Mention this reference code in your application.


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