Workplace Manager - Project lead campus transformation

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Key in this mission is an innovative and sustainable workplace.


Workplace Manager - Project lead campus transformation

At imec, the brightest researchers from all over the world work side by side with our highly specialized cleanroom operators and technical staff that keep our cleanrooms and it’s high-tech equipment up and running 24/7. Together they create technological solutions that will make our world better, smarter, brighter.

Key in this mission is an innovative and sustainable workplace.

With R&D facilities and offices at several locations in Belgium and international labs and offices in the Netherlands, US and Asia, imec has grown into an international hub for talent. The campus manager will help us make optimal use of the Leuven core campus, make sure the other offices are well connected, and stimulate multi-site collaboration.

The key mission of this role is to upgrade our campus into a smart and irresistible workplace that enables our innovative culture and supports our smart creatives in an optimal way. We will investigate our ways of working and introduce new office concepts and new collaboration tools. To make this happen, we are looking for a strong project lead and campus manager.

A Workplace Manager?

A true Workplace Manager is passionate about designing the best possible spaces for people to work, innovate, collaborate and connect. You strongly believe in the impact of the workplace and campus design on engagement, productivity and wellbeing, and bring your expertise in this area to the table. We are looking for pragmatic and creative solutions, based on international best practices and the specific imec identity and needs. You will build the bridge between people, culture and facilities.

What does the Workplace Manager do?

A grasp of activities:

  • Getting a thorough understanding of the imec strategy and culture and how this translates into campus and office design needs.
  • Defining actions and projects that will help us increase the positive impact of the workplace, always with an eye for creative and cost-effective solutions. Projects can encompass sustainable mobility, home working, satellite offices, new catering concepts, new office concepts, promoting active lunch breaks, …
  • Leading the concept phase of projects in collaboration with the teams that will take care of implementation (e.g. facilities, IT, internal communication, …).
  • Working with local managers at the different sites to define appropriate approaches and solutions for their site, guiding them in workplace decisions and promoting inter-site connections.
  • Guiding overseas office managers in workplace related matters and help them to connect well with the core campus.
  • Planning for future development in line with strategic business objectives.
  • Developing and implementing activities focused on health and wellbeing by combining infrastructure and promotion.

Are you ready for the job? We have a checklist for you:

  • You have a background in innovative workplace management plus a business mindset – you have proven you bring value to an organization.
  • You combine a passion for people and organizations dynamics with a pragmatic and solution-oriented drive.
  • You are intrigued by the ambitions and thriving high tech culture of imec and are passionate about contributing to our successful future.
  • You consider yourself a smart creative with good analytical skills and the ability to distill requirements from various points of view.
  • You are a strong communicator and know how to listen well ànd convince others – you build networks.
  • You have strong project management skills -including change management- and know how to gain support for your projects.
  • Your English is proficient, your Dutch good (or you are willing to learn).

What can you expect?

  • A multicultural company, with abundant opportunities to contribute and have a positive impact.
  • A flexible, open and informal work environment combined with a strong drive for excellence.
  • An opportunity to contribute to solutions with a large societal challenges.
  • Appreciation for your energy and commitment by means of an attractive and competitive salary with many fringe benefits.

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