Lynxcare transforms medical records and PROs (patient records) into clinical insights in order to improve the safety and effectiveness of healthcare.


Elke Giets

Business Development Manager

Lynxcare addresses an unmet medical need providing healthcare providers and patients a structured way of getting access to reliable summary health information across national borders and language barriers.

Lynxcare summarizes medical data and displays physician-reviewed medically relevant data only in a summary, linked to the original source documents.

Lynxcare has built an application that essentially is the interface between NLP, human verification & enhancement and artificial intelligence: initiating a software learning curve via human input (autonomation).

Recent Achievements

LynxCare verovert “big data” groeimarkt

De Vlaamse starter LynxCare maakt bekend dat het nieuwe contracten heeft afgesloten met drie vooraanstaande Belgische ziekenhuizen. Read more

20 Dec 2016

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