Imec is an R&D hub for nano- and digital technologies. We believe in the combination of extremely talented people and a world-class infrastructure to enable a prosperous and sustainable future for all.

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Luc Van den hove

Virtual talk: preparing for mobile communications above 100 GHz

How will we tackle the big challenges as we move into communications above 100 GHz? Nadine Collaert, program director of imec's analog/RF program and Joris van Driessche, program manager for imec's 5G & beyond research activities explain.

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The Next Generation of Robots: Inspired by Nature, Tailored by Man

To interact with the people around them, robots need humanlike senses. They might even need to be equipped with some sort of ‘artificial intuition’.

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“You can’t make an advanced chip without relying on European technology”

Imec CEO Luc Van den hove talks about Europe’s digital strategy, the future of Moore’s law, and the start-up landscape.

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With firm roots in nanoelectronics, our portfolio covers a range of hardware and software technologies.

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