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19 January 2017

Imec and EVG demonstrate for the first time 1.8µm pitch overlay accuracy for wafer bonding

Breakthrough results pave the way to multi-layer 3D ICs with high density interconnects realized by automated wafer-to-wafer bonding technology.

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5 January 2017

Imec collaborates with City of Antwerp and Flanders to establish Smart City Living Lab

How can the Internet of Things change the future of the average citizen? To answer this question, imec joins forces with the City of Antwerp and the Flanders region to turn Antwerp into a Living Lab in which businesses, researchers, local residents and the city itself will experiment with smart technologies that aim to make urban life more pleasant, enjoyable and sustainable.

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20 December 2016

Indigo announces successful series A financing round

Spin-off from UGent and imec is launched to develop the next generation needle-free glucose sensors, paving way to a paradigm shift in diabetes management.

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15 December 2016

Vlaamse digitale coach biedt mensen met overgewicht doeltreffend hulpmiddel om blijvend gewicht te verliezen

Eerste studie die effectiviteit van een digitale coach vergelijkt met traditionele consultaties bevestigt toegevoegde waarde van mobile health oplossingen.

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