2.4GHz ULP BAN Radio

2.4GHz ultra-lower-power proprietary Radio for Wireless Sensor Networks and MBAN Applications.

Macro Name  2.4GHz ULP BAN Radio
Type Hard IP
Short Description(max 128 characters)  2.4GHz Ultra-lower-power proprietary Radio for Wireless Sensor Networks and MBAN Applications
Extra description (optional) Imec offers a white-box IP license with support on a 2.4GHz proprietary ultra low power transceiver for short range radio applications, that operates in the 2.4 GHz ISM band as well as in the 2.360 GHz to 2.4 GHz (MBAN) and the 2.4835 GHz to 2.5 GHz ECC band (active medical implants). Including the digital baseband, the TX outputs 0dBm peak power, and consumes 1.1mW in the PPM mode and 2.43mW with 50% OOK. At a PER of 10-2 the RX achieves a sensitivity of -74dBm for 1Mb/s data rate in the OOK mode, and -93dBm for 250kb/s in the PPM mode, while consuming 860μW including the digital baseband.
Market category Consumer Electronics - Automotive - Industrial and medical
Primary Category  Analog & Mixed Signal IP:RF:Transceiver
Node / process 90nm CMOS
Foundry  TSMC
Maturity  Silicon proven on prototypes, hence only white-box license (no corner characterization performed for high volume production)
Leaflet or datasheet URL  
Conference where this IP has been published ISSC2013
Paper publication URL Download the publication here
Chip area(for Hard IP only) (um**2) 4440000
Width (for Hard IP only) (um) 2400
Height (for Hard IP only) (um) 1850
  • Proprietary Ultra-low-power Radio
  • Operates in 2.36GHz - 2.5GHz frequency band
  • Integrated Analog front-end with Digital Baseband
  • Rx power consumption of 0.9mW to 1.2mW
  • Tx power consumption of 2.5mW @ odBm
  • -92dBm sensitivity at 255kbps PPM
  • Dual modulation scheme (OOK and PPM)
  • up to 1Mbps data rate
  • Compliant with FCC and ETSI regulations on body area networks at 2.4 GHz
Deliverables whitebox IP license with technology transfer, training and support