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Design and foundry services

As a catalyst of semiconductor innovation, imec strives to lower the barrier to chip manufacturing. Companies, including start-ups, can use imec as a single point of entry to design support, chip fabrication, packaging, and qualification – in a wide range of standard and more exploratory technologies.

Custom design and specialty fabrication services at imec

Does your device require access to special process steps? You can work out the process flow on imec’s established process modules up to prototyping and small series.

Types of available substrates include silicon, SOI, CMOS post-processing and glass.

Imec constantly develops different process modules and platforms. Please reach out if you have any specific requests.

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Process category Key process modules Substrate size and platform
Pixels UV pixel 200mm CMOS 130nm
  Electron pixel 200mm CMOS 130nm
Si photonics Waveguide c-Si/actives & SiN 200mm iSiPP200 130nm
  Ge photodectors 200mm iSiPP300 65nm
SiN photonics LPCVD waveguides 200mm LPCVD SiN 130nm
  Actives (lasers/modulators) 200mm LPCVD SiN 130nm
  PECVD waveguide 300mm PECVD 65nm
Nano-optics NIL masters 200- & 300mm 130nm - 65nm
  On-pixel multispectral 200- & 300mm
  On-pixel waveguide 300mm
  Meta-optics 200mm(130nm)/
300mm (65nm)/
200&300mm NIL <50nm
M(O)EMS Nanopores (<20nm) 300mm - EUV
  Cavity bonding 200mm - nanogap
  Silicon membranes 200- & 300mm
  Piezo (Sc) AlN 200mm PMUT
  Waveguides in dielectric membranes 200mm photo-acoustic
3D integration Through-silicon vias 200- & 300mm
  Layer transfer 200mm
  Wafer bonding 200- & 300mm
  Hybrid bonding 200- & 300mm < 5µm pitch
  Heterogeneous integration 200- & 300mm
Novel materials Platinum electrodes 200- & 300mm
  Electro-optics (BTO/LNO) 200mm
  Magnetic/resistive alloys 300mm
GaN Epitaxy 200mm GaN-IC
  Mesa 200mm GaN-IC


Next-gen silicon microdevices: key technologies and fabrication processes

Imec.IC-link: gateway to ASIC manufacturing in major foundries

Imec.IC-link, imec’s ASIC division, guides you through the process of designing and manufacturing an application-specific circuit (ASIC).

Imec.IC-link is a TSMC value chain aggregator (VCA) and has agreements with other major foundries, ensuring easy access to IC production in any volume and in several standard to advanced technologies.

On top of manufacturing, several additional services are available: design and IP support, assembly, advanced packaging, testing, qualification and optimization.

For more info, visit the imec.IC-link website

Supporting expertise for dedicated applications

To tailor imec’s technology toolbox to your application, imec’s experts bring in a wealth of expert knowledge to support your prototyping project. This includes:

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