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Semiconductor innovation started in North America and went on to shape our world. Today, imec collaborates with its US partners to continue that legacy.

Imec is the world’s leading non-profit semiconductor research center. Since its foundation in 1984, it has operated pre-competitive research and IP licensing programs in logic and memory technologies, advanced patterning, 3D heterogeneous integration, integrated photonics, advanced RF, and many more.

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Imec’s mission is to accelerate semiconductor innovation by fostering collaboration. By sharing its infrastructure and expertise, imec bridges academia and industry, and closes the gap between lab and fab. This results in significant progress at the levels of technology, systems, and applications.

Imec’s unrivaled network of partners includes the leading global firms in all segments of the semiconductor value chain. Around 60% of those companies are based in the United States.

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An overview of our US centers of excellence

Imec currently operates in four states, through strategic partnerships with leading US universities and companies. These partnerships focus on key domains and encompass the full stack from materials to device and process innovations and system applications.

  • Imec USA – Florida is located at the vibrant NeoCity campus and is active in domains such as cryogenic and superconducting computing, specialty and advanced semiconductor packaging  technologies.
  • Imec USA-Berkeley, led by long-term technology pioneer and visionary Jan Rabaey, dives into mid-to-long-term outcomes of technological evolutions such as novel architectures for AI and machine learning and system-technology co-optimization.
  • Imec USA – San José is home to imec.IC-link, imec’s division that offers design services, multi-project wafer (MPW) runs at leading foundries, and ASIC development.
  • On the campus of Purdue University, imec and Purdue researchers conduct joint research on the foundations of the next wave of high-performance compute and packaging materials, models and architectures, and on making semiconductor technologies and systems more sustainable.
  • Imec and the University of Michigan have signed an MoU to jointly advance semiconductor technologies for the automotive industry. MSTAR, a public-private partnership that includes KLA, the University of Michigan and imec, aims to develop the talent and infrastructure to acccelerate the development of advanced semiconductor technologies for electric and autonomous vehicles.

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