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Imec’s teams in the United States offer local access to a range of world-class semiconductor, photonic, and digital technologies.

We live in an age of hyper-globalized markets. And the landscape for nano- and digital technology is certainly no exception. Nevertheless, our partners desire proximity, so we take every opportunity to tap into local expertise and talent.

That’s why imec has a solid presence in the United States.

Research activities

Imec’s research activities in the USA currently focus on these domains:

These local teams work closely with imec colleagues around the world. That means that your partnership with imec USA immediately connects you with more than 35 years of experience by one of the world’s leading R&D centers in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. And to its more than 5,000 researchers, 12,000 m² cleanroom, and global ecosystem of universities and companies across the value chain.

Want to collaborate with imec? We’re keen to converse and collaborate with both organizations and government agencies who share our interest in nano- and digital technology.

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ASIC development

The development of an ASIC is a complex process. Imec.IC-link is your one-stop-shop for all these phases of ASIC development from chip design to chip manufacturing to assembly & testing and finally to supply chain management.

Thanks to our broad ecosystem of a variety of design and IP houses and strategic partnership with top semiconductor foundries – such as TSMC –and leading OSATs,  imec.IC-link can support you every step of the way. Whether you’re looking for a handful of prototypes or high volumes.

For its US clients, imec has a dedicated team in San José, heart of the Silicon Valley. Click here for their contact details

Visit the imec.IC-link website


Imec USA operates from several branches on both coasts:

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Want to employ your research and engineering skills for breakthroughs in the world’s most advanced technologies and most exciting applications? Then we’re looking forward to meeting you!

At imec USA, you’ll thrive in a diverse research environment where you’re surrounded by some of the world’s top researchers. While you’ll typically work within a small-scale, close-knit team, you’re also connected to one of the world’s most advanced semiconductor R&D hubs – including its unique state-of-the-art semiconductor research infrastructure.

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