Mature AI technology for value-adding solutions

Artificial intelligence is no longer the stuff of science fiction: its technologies are ready and its possibilities are real. It’s time to explore them, and imec is ready to help you.

Which images does the term artificial intelligence evoke in your mind? A leisurely paradise where machines do all our chores? Or a dystopian landscape where intellectually superior robots steal our jobs and threaten our liberties?

It’s time to take a look at AI beyond such sci-fi fantasies. To see its true possibilities as a set of mature technologies, with applications that add value to processes in medical, industrial, logistical and many other domains.

If you’re ready to explore the uses of AI technology in your field, imec is all set to support you. We’re leading the way in the development of AI applications based on relatively small but highly complex datasets – such as unclear or polluted data. And the local analysis of that data, without the need for cloud servers.

Imec is also a member of the AI impulse program which leverages the current AI knowledge and research to add value to the Flemish industry.

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