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Mature AI technology for value-adding solutions

Artificial intelligence is no longer the stuff of science fiction: its technologies are ready and its possibilities are real. It’s time to explore them, and imec is ready to help you.

Are you ready to explore the uses of AI technology in your field? Then imec is all set to support you. We’re leading the way in the development of AI applications based on relatively small but highly complex datasets – such as unclear or polluted data. And the local analysis of that data, without the need for cloud servers.

Download our white paper on the roadmap for edge AI

Imec is also a member of the AI impulse program which leverages the current AI knowledge and research to add value to the Flemish industry.

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AI roadmap: the future of edge AI

Read our white paper on the technology options to enable next-generation AI.

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Tiny AI

Read about the approach that integrates innovations in data usage, hardware and software to grasp all the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

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ExaScience: HPC software lab

Use high-performance computing (HPC) to scale your software: decrease runtimes, cut compute costs and enable new applications without hardware investments.

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SENSAI automotive sensors

SENSAI expands digital twin technology through physics-based sensor modeling and by leveraging the power of AI.

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Novel architectures for machine learning and artificial intelligence

Discover some of the research avenues that the imec is following to pave the way for the next generation of smart devices.

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Sensor data fusion

Learn more about imec’s data fusion solutions for diverse sensor types across a wide range of applications.

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