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Connectivity technology

Build reliable, scalable, high-throughput and low-power network technologies by leveraging imec’s system-wide expertise.

Autonomous cars, smart medical implants, remote holography, ... All exciting future applications have at least one thing in common: they put new demands on our wired and wireless communication infrastructure.

To meet these demands, imec is working on next-generation connectivity technologies by innovating with novel semiconductor processes and across the system stack – from materials to circuits and algorithms – both in the analog and digital domains.

Watch the talk from imec expert Michael Peeters on the challenges of 6G pre-competitive research

We’re countering the low efficiency of CMOS when dealing with ultra-high frequencies through heterogeneous integration of III-V devices – especially indium phosphide – and advanced packaging to enable 6G. We enhance the accuracy and security of ultra-wide band and Bluetooth Low Energy through innovative algorithms and IC design, develop high-speed wireline. And much more.

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Option 2 silicon platform
Beyond 5G

Guided by concrete system needs, imec explores solutions to enable the next generation of wireless networking technology.

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Low-power ADCs
Low-power ADCs

Tap into our track record of designing ADCs that combine high performance with low power consumption.

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ADPLL (all-digital phase-locked loop)

Use imec’s compact, ultra-low-power ADPLL to optimize your next-generation IoT radio.

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Deterministic networking
Deterministic networking

Imec devises software strategies for networks that offer 100% reliability within strict latency bounds.

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Integrated circuits for high-speed wireline transceivers
Integrated circuits for high-speed wireline transceivers

Explore how imec’s expertise helps you to achieve the +100Gbaud goal.

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Ultra-wide band (UWB)

Use imec’s high-precision and low-power UWB positioning and tracking technology to design your next-generation IoT products.

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Explore the dependable, low-power and safe connectivity options that BLE enables.

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Connected car technology

Compare and implement advanced technologies for a future where every car will have at least one high-speed wireless connection.

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At imec bright people build a bright future.

You could be one of these builders. Whether you are an engineer or an operator, a consultant or PhD student, we need a versatile group of people to help us create positive change.

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PhD researcher – Software for high performance networks & clouds
The internet and cloud infrastructure are undergoing a massive change in the last decade. Software is playing an increasingly important role in this rapidly changing environment.  Although new network services or control mechanisms can be rapidly developed in software and de
Researcher for indoor location tracking using wireless IoT technology and visible light positioning
 The "WAVES" research group is the expertise center of the Department of Information Technology of Ghent University/IMEC in Belgium for physical-layer research of advanced wireless networks.
Researcher for wireless body area networks (WBAN) & human exposure for smart lenses
 The "WAVES" research group is the expertise center of the Department of Information Technology of Ghent University/IMEC in Belgium for physical-layer research of advanced wireless networks.
Talented Analog IC Designer
Gain eternal fame and have lots of fun
Funded Program Manager (Connectivity en Solutions en imec Spin-offs)
Je coördineert de funding activiteiten van imec o.v.v. Connectivity en Solutions en imec Spin-offs
Strategic Partnerships Manager, Fabless-System companies North America
Growing our business with new partners and industries
Postdoc: Pathfinding new transistors for future energy efficient wireless applications
Explore how technology innovation impacts wireless circuit design
Senior analog, RF & mmWave IC Designer
Research and design innovative analog, mixed signal, RF and millimeter wave circuits
High Throughput mm-wave communications towards 5G-Advanced
Enhancing mm-wave 5G-NR systems with MIMO and beamforming
Compensation of PA distortion for ultra-high date rate communication systems
You will develop nonlinear distortion compensation algorithms to increase the power amplifier PA efficiency in ultra-high date rate communication systems
Dual-function FMCW millimeter-wave radar-communications system
You will communicate and sense with a radar
Senior Communication IP Lead
Enable scalable low-latency network-on-chip architecture for zetta-scale HPC/AI system.
System Test Engineer
Take care of testing for ground-breaking sensor systems that enable sustainable solutions in Health, Agri & Food.
Principal Scientist on HPC Communication Network Architecture
Explore and define on-chip/off-chip interconnect architectures for next generation AI/HPC workloads under a technology, architecture, application co-design regime.
Senior Mixed Signal Researcher
Enable zetta-scale HPC/AI system hardware prototype for energy-efficient HW-SW Codesign research
Wafer Level Packaging RF Expert
Wafer level packaging technologies with a focus on mm-wave and sub-terahertz applications.
Cloud Developer for IoT
To develop cloud solutions in the field of personalized health and precision agriculture.
Short Range, High Speed 6G Mesh Networks for Autonomous AI Agents
Design the networks for the (machine) users of tomorrow.
Advanced Signal Processing in Cell-free Massive MIMO for Ultra-Reliable 6G Wireless Communication Systems
You will be carrying out groundbreaking fundamental and applied research to architect the high-speed, ultra-reliable and low-latency 6G wireless communications networks of tomorrow!
Pioneering Cell-free Massive MIMO prototyping platform for Ultra-Reliable 6G Wireless Communication Systems
You will be carrying out groundbreaking fundamental and applied research to architect the High-Speed, Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency 6G wireless communications of tomorrow within a team of scientists and practitioners from both industry and academia!
Robust and scalable signal processing for sub-THz Cell-free MIMO for 6G wireless communication systems
You will be architecting the high-speed 6G wireless communications networks of tomorrow!
Machine Learning Enhanced PHY Processing for 6G Networks
You will leverage the power of ML to boost wireless signal processing performance
Beamforming and Array Architectures for Joint Communications and Sensing
You will be architecting a revolutionary radar-communication system where both functionalities support each other!
Joint Communication and Sensing at sub-THz Frequencies
You will exploit high-throughput communication infrastructure to sense the environment
Technology optimization of heterogeneous integration platform for 6G applications
To enable the innovative system concepts and system-technology co-design for the next generation of wireless communications
Design of integrated DC-DC converters for wireless communication applications
You will design DC-DC converters and power regulators in an RF III-V process which will improve the overall efficiency of mm-wave communication transceivers.
Design of CMOS – GaN hybrid mm-wave transceivers
You will design mm-wave transceivers in advanced RF GaN technology that will be combined with your CMOS circuits to perform beyond current state of the art.
InP integrated circuit design for future THz communication systems
You will design building blocks of wireless transceivers that hit the 300 GHz barrier
Holographic Radio Architecture and Signal Processing in the sub-THz Band for 6G Communications
You will be architecting a novel paradigm of communications
Complex-sensing integrated circuits for built-in self-test of millimeter-wave transceivers
You will investigate, design, and validate on-chip sensing techniques to test mm-wave integrated circuits operating above 100 GHz.
Millimeter-wave frequency synthesis systems for 5G and 6G using compound semiconductors
You will design the local oscillator for future wireless communication systems by combining compound semiconductors with CMOS technology
Chip – Interposer Co-design for sub-terahertz 6G Applications
You will improve the performance of sub-THz ICs by co-designing them with high-quality off-chip passive components from the interposer that carries the chip.
Novel transistors for 6G wireless communications
Advance state-of-the-art in sub-THz semiconductor devices
Substrate effects in advanced RF technologies
Explore RF substrate technologies
6G Metamaterials
Novel electromagnetics for next-gen communications
Advanced Antenna Arrays in Waferscale Si-interposer Technology for 140 and 300 GHz Wireless Systems
Active Multi-Antenna System Design meets Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing
3D Antenna Arrays for Sub-Terahertz Sensing and Communication using Metallic and Dielectric Manufacturing Approaches
Taking the forefront in sub-terahertz multi-antenna systems by leveraging 3D technologies
Process Engineer Epitaxy
The process engineer will support the development of epitaxial growth processes in the fields of CFET, Silicon photonics, Advanced RF and Technology transfers.
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  • Our industrial affiliation program (IIAP) connects you with imec’s global partner ecosystem including leading EDA and IP vendors and commercial foundries, enabling you to share costs and lower risk through collaborative and precompetitive research.

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  • We are a world-recognized center-of-excellence with an extensive IP portfolio in low-power chip design, mm-wave IC and antenna design, advanced signal processing and data science techniques. 
  • Shorten your time-to-market through our offering in white box IP (intellectual property) licenses that includes technology transfer, training, support.


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