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At imec, we shape the future.

How? By enabling nano- and digital technology innovation with a significant impact on the quality of life. With our partners from companies, governments and academia. And supported by the three pillars of our R&D:

  • a unique infrastructure that includes a 2.5-billion-euro 300mm semiconductor pilot line
  • more than 5,500 expert scientists from over 96 countries
  • an ecosystem of more than 600 world-leading industry partners and a global academic network

Founded in 1984, imec quickly made its name as the leading research hub for advanced CMOS scaling.

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We will continue to shape the roadmap for the semiconductor industry for years to come. On top of that, we leverage this deep-tech knowhow. And we combine it with software and system knowledge to build up an exceptional portfolio of advanced technologies.

The combination of these technologies opens the door to smart, sustainable solutions. These span domains such as healthcare, mobility, Industry 5.0, clean energy and agrifood.

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imec 40 years

Logic and memory scaling

Imec’s R&D programs unite the key players in the semiconductor industry: tool and material suppliers, IDMs, foundries, fabless and fablite companies, system partners, and leading academia and knowledge centers.

The shared goal is to answer the need for increased data capacity and traffic in mobile devices and servers. Imec contributes to meeting this goal by:

Imec also innovates at system-on-chip level by leveraging advancements from different domains, including 3D integration. To increase memory capacity, existing memories are being pushed to their extremes. And novel memory technologies are being explored to further improve memory density, speed and power consumption.

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Electronic and digital systems

Imec expands its chip technology with elements such as sensors and actuators, network components and artificial intelligence. This enables disruptive integrated systems that address the world’s crucial challenges. For example:

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Local and global impact

Imec is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium. But we have offices and research sites across Belgium and the world: from the Netherlands to the USA and Asia.

Our goal is not only to be a worldwide leader in R&D. We also want to combine that global excellence with local citizenship. In the regions where we are present, we engage in high-impact projects with local businesses and governments.

As an example, take a look at our initiatives with Dutch partners. Within the OnePlanet Research Center, we build high-level solutions within precision health and agriculture. And Holst Centre develops technology that responds to the global societal challenges of tomorrow. It contributes to new micro-electronical and sensor technology solutions in the fields of Health & Vitality, Energy & Climate, Mobility & Industry 5.0.

Quality and integrity

To ensure that our research and other activities meet the most exacting standards regarding quality control, responsible behavior and ethics, we adhere to a number of standards and codes. And we've  installed – or become a member of – several oversight commissions.

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