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CMOS: advanced and beyond

Imec enables next-generation computing, storage and interconnects – providing its partners with the disruptive breakthroughs they need to create their future products.

The high-performance compute market will continue to grow because of new application drivers. The 5G rollout will accelerate the already exponential growth of data. In combination with growing internet traffic and new datacenter applications such as supercomputing and high-performance computing-as-a-service, this increases the demand for high-end CPUs and GPUs inside (cloud) servers. Meanwhile, inside our smartphones, mobile SoCs need to integrate more functionalities in a form-factor-constrained IC.

To achieve that goal, imec collaborates with the entire IC value chain, forming one of the world’s largest R&D hubs for next-generation semiconductor research, building on advanced process steps and materials exploration, fundamental understanding and state-of-the-art fab infrastructure.

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The green transition of the IC industry

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Industry’s largest partner ecosystem for advanced CMOS technology

Imec has set up a unique environment for semiconductor research. A collaboration with the entire value chain, including the world’s major foundries, IDMs, fabless and fablite companies, material and tool suppliers, EDA companies and application developers.

It’s a collaboration where all the latest techniques and inventions can be brought together and co-optimized. An R&D hub with what’s arguably the world’s densest square mile of expertise, labs and fab infrastructure.

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Industry’s most advanced R&D 300mm cleanroom facility

Imec offers a neutral, open innovation R&D platform that involves suppliers deeply and at an early stage of process step and module development. Thanks to our close partnerships with leading tool and materials suppliers, we can do advanced process development and offer our partners the industry’s most advanced research infrastructure housed within a state-of-the-art 300mm cleanroom.

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CMOS technology innovation from a system perspective

Emerging applications such as energy-efficient AI ICs in datacenters and edge devices require performance enhancements beyond those from traditional CMOS scaling. One way to achieve this is the simultaneous innovation of system architectures and technology requirements to allow for the most efficient combination of building blocks for the required functionality and performance – or system-technology co-optimization (STCO).

STCO starts by identifying the bottlenecks and challenges in existing systems. Those become the starting point for the exploration of new system architectures and technologies. The research loop is then closed by evaluating these innovations – and their cohesive integration – through prototypes or other hardware evaluation systems.

Because of its expertise across the technology stack – from semiconductor devices up to software – and its prototyping and manufacturing infrastructure and ecosystem, imec offers technology and system companies an STCO innovation sandbox for joint development of next-gen applications.

For imec, STCO is a guiding principle in a variety of research programs such as logic CMOS scaling and Advanced RF. STCO is also being explored at imec USA.

Check out this in-depth article on system-technology optimization.

Fast cycling between fundamental research, lab probing, and cleanroom enablement

Our scientists and engineers work closely with those of our partners. They’ve set up a fast R&D cycle, feeding the results of fundamental research to the fabs where materials and structures are probed and tested for suitability and characteristics.

From the fab, they flow to the cleanroom, looking for faultless manufacturability. The results, measurements and characterization are cycled back into the fundamental research.

Technology centers for advanced CMOS and beyond


Imec intensifies device and system scaling, and explores new paths.

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Store technology centers

Imec's innovations keep the information age on track.

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Connect technology centers

Optimized connection technologies remove performance bottlenecks.

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Expertise centers for advanced CMOS and beyond

Advanced patterning and key process steps
Patterning and process steps

Improved tools and processes are indispensable for new technology nodes.

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Inline metrology
Metrology and characterization

Imec's analytical capabilities support new device architectures.

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Semiconductor reliability testing
Reliability testing and modeling

We model and test semiconductor technologies with advanced methods and tools.

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Sustainable semiconductor technologies and systems
Sustainable semiconductor technologies and systems

Imec supports the semiconductor ecosystem's will to make more sustainable choices.

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At imec bright people build a bright future.

You could be one of these builders. Whether you are an engineer or an operator, a consultant or PhD student, we need a versatile group of people to help us create positive change.

Join the forward thinkers

Related jobs

Automating the optical detection of exfoliated two-dimensional materials
Can we build a script to automate identification of ultrathin channel materials to be used for fabricating MOSFETs?
Study of High-Aspect-Ratio Gate Etching Profile for FinFET Variants
The proposed student topic is devoted to the study of Gate etching profile at deeply scaled dimensions, by optimization of plasma parameters using state-of-the art techniques and reactors.  
Hardware Engineer
We zijn op zoek naar ingenieurs met een hart voor machines. Ook als dat complexe, delicate, unieke toestellen zijn voor de productie van chips. Kun je ons helpen het beste uit onze toestellen te halen? Dan horen we graag van jou!
Field Service Engineer
We are looking for engineers with a passion for machines. Even if they are complex, delicate, unique tools for the production of chips. Can you help us get the best out of our equipment in our cleanroom? Then we would love to hear from you!
Talented Analog IC Designer
Gain eternal fame and have lots of fun
Postdoctoral Researcher 3D interconnects for hybrid system integration
Be a frontrunner in enabling System and Application driven technology optimization for future semiconductor roadmap
Principal High Performance System Architect
Explore the impact of imec’s technology solutions on tomorrow’s Machine Learning and AI systems.
Principal CPU/SoC architect
Explore the impact of imec’s technology solutions on tomorrow’s Machine Learning and AI systems.
Strategic Partnership Senior Manager, Health (East Coast Region)
Establishing and growing strategic relationships with new and existing partners outside of the semiconductor industry such as health.
Strategic Partnerships Manager, Fabless-System companies North America
Growing our business with new partners and industries
MEMS Product Design Expert
Design novel MEMS system in existing technologies and technologies under development
Device engineer - ATP (Advanced Technology Platform)
Join the Advanced Technology Platform team at imec's R&D headquarters located in the heart of Europe and help strengthen technology and modules across imec’s many programs
BEOL Process Integration Engineer - ATP (Advanced Technology Platform)
Join the Advanced Technology Platform team at imec's R&D headquarters located in the heart of Europe and help strengthen technology and modules across imec’s many programs
FEOL Process Integration Engineer - ATP (Advanced Technology Platform)
Join the Advanced Technology Platform team at imec's R&D headquarters located in the heart of Europe and help strengthen technology and modules across imec’s many programs.
Electrical Device Engineer
Postdoctoral Researcher Magnetic domain wall (DW) devices for next-generation memories
As a post-doctoral researcher working on the conceptual assessment of DW-MRAM, your role will cover a design-technology co-optimization (DTCO) analysis to evaluate the feasibility of the proposed concept in terms of industry-relevant performance metrics.
Postdoc: Hardware spike detection and data compression for next generation CMOS neural probes
Integrate massive multi-channel feature extraction algorithms on chip that enable clinical translation of next-generation neural probes
Postdoc: Pathfinding new transistors for future energy efficient wireless applications
Explore how technology innovation impacts wireless circuit design
Senior analog, RF & mmWave IC Designer
Research and design innovative analog, mixed signal, RF and millimeter wave circuits
Physical Design Specialist
Understanding the physical layout design flow, create scripts, and test design methodologies to support imec’ s tape-out activities
ASIC Product Engineer
Support of existing ASIC products in production and their related technical changes
Nano-scale Field Effect Transistor for Biomolecule Sensing
Explore bio-sensing with nano-scale sensors.
Photoelectron yield of resist materials for EUV lithography
Shedding light on electronic processes occurring in extreme ultraviolet lithography
Evaluating mechanical strain in state-of-the-art STT-MRAM
What happens if we press it?
Atom probe tomography for the characterization of next generation (and beyond) CMOS devices.
Work together with us on the future of 3D nanoscale materials characterization.
The physics of the light-tip interaction in laser-assisted Atom Probe Tomography
Shedding light on the coupling of a laser with a nano-tip for atomic scale characterization
Energy efficient writing scheme for domain wall logic devices using voltage controlled magnetic anisotropy
Exploring advanced spintronic devices for future computing architecture
Development of Low Power and High-Speed SRAM Compiler
Develop a python based SRAM compiler that will automate the simulation of SRAM macro PPA analysis based on user inputs.
Array under CMOS system performance exploration
Pathfinding for next generation compute technology
3D System Partition Aware Cache Design
Energy efficient memory for high performance computes
Power Delivery Network Exploration for Sequential 3D
Power integrity for sequentially integrated heterogeneous system
Design Technology Co-Optimization of Logic device for Memory Application
Circuit design and tape-out for advanced Logic and Memory applications
Wet processing of high aspect ratio nanostructures
Properties of nanoconfined aqueous solutions are different from bulk and must be characterized to develop new chemistries
Quality of MX2 materials
How can we improve the quality of 2D materials to foresee their integration in new technologies?
Project Maintenance Engineer
Characterization of magnetic flux trapping for superconducting circuits
Theoretical and experimental study of flux pinning in thin-film superconductors with different materials and engineered defects relevant to a multilayer IC fabrication stack.
Design of High-Voltage Tolerant I/O Cell in the GAA NW Technologies
The purpose of this internship collaboration is to study the possibility of tuning the input stage transition level, and potential circuit design to improve the performance and reliability of current high-voltage tolerant I/O scheme.
Senior Analog Design Engineer
Design state of the art analog IPs and chip
Design Technology Co-Optimization Researcher
As DTCO Researcher, you will work on the cutting edge of advanced CMOS technologies and you will contribute towards their evaluation and benchmarking, optimizing design and block level aspects to fully utilize future technologies.
Principal Performance Architect
Model performance for next generation supercomputer hardware-software codesign.
Senior Business Development Manager
Business owner managing the strategic partnerships for a portfolio of semiconductor Equipment & Material suppliers
Analytical Energy and Area Modeling Architect
Architect the right trade-offs between performance, area and energy for next generation supercomputer hardware-software codesign.
Principal AI High Performance Computing Architect
Codesign next generation supercomputers for artificial intelligence across computing abstraction layers.
ASICs Sales Account Manager
Managing imec.IC-link’s ASICs businesses, account activities, customer relationships as well as developing plans for business growth.
High resolution volumetric lithography of complex 3D polymeric and biomaterial structures
With the imec team and university collaborators, the student explores, selects, designs, builds, and tests workable imec-based solutions for bioprinting and printing biophotonics using projection imaging and holography fused with super-resolution imaging chemistry. 
Automation and mask dataprep R&D engineer
Automation and mask dataprep engineer with experience in scripting and test design methodologies to support imec Tapeout automation, DFM and mask R&D activities across various fields including advanced logic, memory, 3D and Photonics
Layout and Tape-Out Engineer
As our Tape-out and lay-out engineer, you will play a key role to support IC designs that involve advanced technologies for logic scaling, Si Photonics, Imagers, Life Science, GaN Power and other specialties.
R&D Group Manager 3D & Silicon Photonics Packaging Development
Lead this high performing technology development group by enabling imec’s highly trained engineering staff to succeed in delivering complex technical projects to our customers.
Marketing Manager imec.IC-link (US)
Device Packaging and Platform Integration Engineer
Join the 3D Heterogeneous Integration team at imec’s R&D headquarters located in the heart of Europe and help in progressing the state of the art in Advance Packaging with a focus on Si Photonics and uLED device integration
ASIC Architect/Project Manager for Far Backend Engagement
Imec.IC-link helps start-ups, SMEs and established OEMs as well as universities realize their ideas in silicon by providing low-cost prototyping, volume production and system integration of electronic assemblies.
Director Product Test, Yield & Reliability (PDT)
Drive and inspire an enthusiastic and talented team of engineers across multiple imec R&D groups developing yield and failure analysis techniques
Sales Operations Specialist
B2B sales operations specialist ensuring an impeccable support to our US based sales management and customers, working out of our office in Silicon Valley.
Principal AI supercomputer architect
Codesign next generation supercomputers for artificial intelligence across computing abstraction layers.
Governmental & Academic Relations Business Development Manager
Strategic Partnership Senior Manager, Health (West Coast Region)
Establishing and growing strategic relationships with new and existing partners outside of the semiconductor industry such as health.
Business Development Manager
Developing’s business to provide access to advanced ASIC foundry technologies to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and to larger companies in North America.
Senior Business Development Manager
Developing’s business to provide access to advanced ASIC foundry technologies to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and to larger companies in North America.
Postdoctoral Researcher: Inverse Design of Flat Optics for imagers and AR
Develop and leverage state of the art inverse design techniques to design and manufacture flat optics
Wafer Level Packaging RF Expert
Wafer level packaging technologies with a focus on mm-wave and sub-terahertz applications.
Reliability Researcher
As Reliability researcher you will be obtaining a fundamental understanding of the kinetics of charge trapping in the defects is crucial for enhancing device performance and enabling the future 6G/mmWave technologies.
Researcher Advanced Storage and Archival Memories
Research the area of advance storage devices and archival memories solutions, featuring ultra-high bit density and virtually infinite data retention.
Design of Nanostructured Arrays for Ultrafast Surface-Enhanced Spectroscopies of EUV Photoresists
Design, build (using compatible CMOS fabrication processes), and possibly (time-allowing) test nanoengineered substrates for plasmonic enhanced spectroscopic signals in sub-picosecond time-resolved near-to-mid IR absorption spectroscopies of current and next-gen EUV photoresists.
R&D Group Manager - Lithography Development Solution
Experienced and inspiring people manager with a strong background in lithography!
Researcher EUV Lithography and Imaging
Help us to address the upcoming scaling challenges! As Researcher Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography and Imaging, you examine innovative solutions and technologies to enable next-generation EUV lithography and chip advancements. You improve their performance through a combination o
Electron Microscopy Engineer
As a SEM/FIB engineer your task will be to support the different services within the MCASA team at imec. You will execute complex focused ion beam (FIB) and SEM (ECCI) analysis and help with the TEM service by creating samples.
Test Technology Researcher
Researcher in sustainable electronics
Develop the sustainability roadmap for electronics from a manufacturing and system design perspective
Project Maintenance Engineer (NL)
Scientific Lead Image Sensor Design
Innovate on image sensor & pixel architectures beyond the limits of current image sensors
Process Module Development Manager
As Process Module Development Manager, you supervise a team of domain specific area coordinators to provide development and documentation support for imec’s bilateral customers and internal technology platform development.
Dry Etch Process Development Coordinator
You will act as a key interface for the Dry Etch team with the customer, project managers, integration engineers, and FAB Operations.
Process Integration Engineer - PID - Product Industrialization and Delivery
System power and thermal co-optimization researcher
System & circuit architecture for power and thermal management of future SoCs using advanced technology and emerging devices: system technology co-optimization (STCO)
LiDAR Image Sensor Pixel and Mixed-Signal Designer
Design image sensor & read-out ICs for novel LiDAR technologies
R&D Engineer Metrology
Develop advanced metrology solutions on state-of-the-art metrology tools in imec cleanroom8
Business Development Manager - CMOS Process Technology Development & Transfer
Working with prospects and existing partners towards technology transfers.
Business Development Manager - Nano-electronics Chip Process Technology
You create partnerships regarding our technology programs in the Core CMOS nanoelectronics program with device makers and foundries.
Process Engineer Thin Film Deposition
As process engineer Thin Film Deposition, you will develop and optimize thin film deposition processes, study process stability, and characterize the deposited films for integration in advanced 300mm semiconductor applications.
R&D Engineer Exploratory Patterning Materials
Supporting lithography scaling with EUV patterning materials
Team Leader Integration Support
Within Tape-out and Operations Enablement department, we are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic colleague to manage our Integration Support Engineering team.
Silicon Photonics Laser Packaging Engineer
Set up, develop and maintain the integration flows for Laser packaging related activities for Silicon Photonics, covering Flip Chip attach and Thermal Compression Bonding
Probe interaction with semiconductor surfaces in viscous media for enabling 3D nanoelectronics device characterization
You shape the future of electrical probe measurements for nanoelectronics devices.
DFT-NEGF transport in next-generation devices made of 2D materials including defective and in-situ-doped semiconductor-metal contacts
Use and develop state-of-the-art atomistic quantum-physics models to explore and unleash the potential and physics of next generation 2D material devices
Ab-Initio NEGF transport for next generation energy-efficient 2D material transistors including Cold-Source-, Dirac- and Van-der-Waals tunneling FETs
Use and develop state-of-the-art atomistic quantum-physics models to unleash the potential of next generation energy – efficient 2D material devices
ToF-SIMS and OrbitrapTM-SIMS analyses to unravel the chemistry of thin EUV photoresist layers
New horizons for SIMS in the semiconductor industry
Charge trapping in advanced CMOS devices at cryogenic temperatures for quantum computing applications
Unravel fundamental reliability physics to enable large-scale quantum computing
Numerical Simulation of MOS Devices for Quantum Computing Applications
Exploring the limits of semiconductor device simulation for large-scale quantum computing systems
Calibration of TCAD process simulators towards N2 with advanced 2D/3D metrology solutions including SPM-based SSRM technique
The aggressive downscaling of FET devices (FinFET, NanowireFET, NanosheetFET, ForksheetFET, CFET...) in past years has put a great emphasis on the need to come up with properly calibrated process and device simulation tools (TCAD) to predict performances, suggest processing optio
Performance and variability modelling of ultra-thin body silicon and 2D material FETs.
Can ultra-thin silicon be a competitive 2D material in future technology nodes?
Nano-scale materials characterization for quantum computing devices
Make each atom count and LEAP forward the quantum computing technology
PDK engineer
TEM automation specialist
Transmission Electron Microscopy Automation Specialist – enable high and fast but accurate throughput. As TEM specialist your task will be to support the TEM automation service at imec by executing, troubleshooting, and developing automated sample preparation and TEM measurem
R&D Engineer on wet processing
Ready to set up wet processes on the state of the art 300 mm tools? Join us!
R&D Engineer Dry Etch - Sustainable Semiconductor Technologies & Systems
As a Dry Etch SSTS R&D Engineer, you are responsible to assess greenhouse gases consumption in the etch area, identify the critical applications considering their respective roadmap and build up a strategy to reduce overall gas consumption and the usage of high GWP (Global Warmin
Office Admin/Management Assistant
Head of Strategic Partnership, Health and Life sciences
Imec is looking for a seasoned and result-driven leader to grow and lead US strategic health and life sciences partnerships in North America. This leader will work closely with the VP of strategic partnership in the US and all members of the executive team at HQ (Leuven, Belgium)
Postdoctoral Researcher Volumetric 3D Printing with Holograms
Pushing the state-of-the-art in 3D printing for biotech applications
R&D Etch Team Leader
We are looking for an experienced and inspiring team leader having a relevant experience in people management and a strong technical background in semiconductor technology.
Process Engineer Epitaxy
The process engineer will support the development of epitaxial growth processes in the fields of CFET, Silicon photonics, Advanced RF and Technology transfers.
R&D Engineer Etch process
As R&D Etch Process Engineer you are responsible to provide etch process solutions
Team Leader – Imager Component Integration
Are you up to manage an integration team working on innovative and challenging topics in the imager field?
Optical Design Expert for Holographic Projection
Be part of an exciting project focusing on next generation holographic projection using chip scale technologies
Experimental engineer for nanopore devices
For our work in new devices based on solid state nanopores, we are looking for an enthusiastic employee eager to shape tomorrow’s health care technologies.
GaN Power Electronics Device Layout Engineer
We are seeking a Device Layout Engineer to support the design of our innovative GaN power devices.
Team Leader Litho Development
Experienced and inspiring people manager with a strong background in lithography and/or metrology
Transmission Electron Microscopy Engineer
A technical expert of TEM sample preparation and inspections
Strategic Partnership Manager
Analysis and correlations between BEOL and digital active elements for the evaluation of future booster technologies
Investigation of the influence of design parameters on the routing optimization performed by Electronic Design Automation tools 
R&D FAB Project Manager
As an R&D FAB Project Leader you connect the R&D FAB with its stakeholders, making sure Process Engineers can optimally provide value for the R&D community and their customers.
Metrology Engineer
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