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CMOS: advanced and beyond

Imec enables next-generation computing, storage and interconnects – providing its partners with the disruptive breakthroughs they need to create their future products.

The high-performance compute market will continue to grow because of new application drivers. The 5G rollout will accelerate the already exponential growth of data. In combination with growing internet traffic and new datacenter applications such as supercomputing and high-performance computing-as-a-service, this increases the demand for high-end CPUs and GPUs inside (cloud) servers. Meanwhile, inside our smartphones, mobile SoCs need to integrate more functionalities in a form-factor-constrained IC.

To achieve that goal, imec collaborates with the entire IC value chain, forming one of the world’s largest R&D hubs for next-generation semiconductor research, building on advanced process steps and materials exploration, fundamental understanding and state-of-the-art fab infrastructure.

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Industry’s largest partner ecosystem for advanced CMOS and beyond

Imec has set up a unique environment for semiconductor research. A collaboration with the entire value chain, including the world’s major foundries, IDMs, fabless and fablite companies, material and tool suppliers, EDA companies and application developers.

It’s a collaboration where all the latest techniques and inventions can be brought together and co-optimized. An R&D hub with what’s arguably the world’s densest square mile of expertise, labs and fab infrastructure.

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Industry’s most advanced R&D 300mm cleanroom facility

Imec offers a neutral, open innovation R&D platform that involves suppliers deeply and at an early stage of process step and module development. Thanks to our close partnerships with leading tool and materials suppliers, we can do advanced process development and offer our partners the industry’s most advanced research infrastructure housed within a state-of-the-art 300mm cleanroom.

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Technology innovation from a system perspective

Emerging applications such as energy-efficient AI ICs in datacenters and edge devices require performance enhancements beyond those from traditional CMOS scaling. One way to achieve this is the simultaneous innovation of system architectures and technology requirements to allow for the most efficient combination of building blocks for the required functionality and performance – or system-technology co-optimization (STCO).

STCO starts by identifying the bottlenecks and challenges in existing systems. Those become the starting point for the exploration of new system architectures and technologies. The research loop is then closed by evaluating these innovations – and their cohesive integration – through prototypes or other hardware evaluation systems.

Because of its expertise across the technology stack – from semiconductor devices up to software – and its prototyping and manufacturing infrastructure and ecosystem, imec offers technology and system companies an STCO innovation sandbox for joint development of next-gen applications.

For imec, STCO is a guiding principle in a variety of research programs such as logic CMOS scaling and Advanced RF. STCO is also being explored at imec – USA Berkeley.

Check out this in-depth article on system-technology optimization.

Fast cycling between fundamental research, lab probing, and cleanroom enablement

Our scientists and engineers work closely with those of our partners. They’ve set up a fast R&D cycle, feeding the results of fundamental research to the fabs where materials and structures are probed and tested for suitability and characteristics.

From the fab, they flow to the cleanroom, looking for faultless manufacturability. The results, measurements and characterization are cycled back into the fundamental research.

Technology centers for advanced CMOS and beyond

Store technology centers
Connect technology centers

Expertise centers for advanced CMOS and beyond

Advanced patterning and key process steps
Patterning and process steps
Inline metrology
Metrology and characterization
Semiconductor reliability testing
Reliability testing and modeling
Sustainable semiconductor technologies and systems
Sustainable semiconductor technologies and systems

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You could be one of these builders. Whether you are an engineer or an operator, a consultant or PhD student, we need a versatile group of people to help us create positive change.

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Automating the optical detection of exfoliated two-dimensional materials
Can we build a script to automate identification of ultrathin channel materials to be used for fabricating MOSFETs?
Characterization and development of spin torque memory for cache applications
Electrical and magnetic characterization of best-in-class MRAM devices targeted for LLC applications
Quantitative 3D mapping of carrier concentration in quantum-confined heterostructures for power and RF applications
Explore microscopy on the nanometer scale
Study of High-Aspect-Ratio Gate Etching Profile for FinFET Variants
The proposed student topic is devoted to the study of Gate etching profile at deeply scaled dimensions, by optimization of plasma parameters using state-of-the art techniques and reactors.  
DRAM power measurements and energy model calibration
As part of this memory exploration simulator framework, we are calibrating a detailed, highly parametrized model for DRAM memory energy usage in real servers, in cooperation with TU Dresden.   
Hardware Engineer
We zijn op zoek naar ingenieurs met een hart voor machines. Ook als dat complexe, delicate, unieke toestellen zijn voor de productie van chips. Kun je ons helpen het beste uit onze toestellen te halen? Dan horen we graag van jou!
Field Service Engineer
We are looking for engineers with a passion for machines. Even if they are complex, delicate, unique tools for the production of chips. Can you help us get the best out of our equipment in our cleanroom? Then we would love to hear from you!
Design Technology Co-Optimization of Logic device for Memory Application
Design of circuit for advanced Logic and Memory applications
EUV time-resolved spectroscopy and interference lithography of a model resist
Explore the radiolysis of EUV exposure of photoresists using femtosecond time-resolved infrared spectroscopy study and look for relationships to results attained with interference lithography at pitches smaller than 22 nanometers
Realization of Logic-In-Memory Operation on Crossbar Array
The thesis is aimed at enabling Logic-in-memory computation using novel Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) technologies.
The physics of the light-tip interaction in laser-assisted Atom Probe Tomography
Shedding light on the coupling of a laser with a nano-tip for atomic scale characterization
Atom probe tomography for the characterization of next generation (and beyond) CMOS devices
Work together with us on the future of 3D nanoscale materials characterization
Design Space Exploration for High Performance AIMC Based Accelerator
Explore the impact of imec's technology solutions for high performance AIMC based Inference accelerator.
Study of the quantification of B doping in semiconductor materials by Rutherford backscattering spectrometry (RBS)
Establish a reference standard that will be used in the nanoelectronics research and industry for the next decades
Patterning Defectivity Investigation for High-NA EUV Lithography
You will work together with a team of lithography specialists within an international environment in a modern 300 mm semiconductor cleanroom using advanced tools at the leading-edge technology.
Calibration of TCAD process simulators for Fin, Nanosheet and Forksheet FET devices
Within this project you will be at the intercept of simulation (TCAD), advanced metrology (SSRM, TEM,...) and device integration of most advanced transistors.
Microfabrication and evaluation of advanced scanning tip sensors
You want to put your good theoretical microfabrication knowledge to work and are eager to acquire practical processing skills? Then, this project might be the right choice for you.
Kelvin probe microscopy for the analysis of thin oxide reliability
You study most advanced nanoelectronics materials stacks by means of scanning probe microscopy techniques.
Talented Analog IC Designer
Gain eternal fame and have lots of fun
Postdoctoral Researcher Scalable transfer of engineered thin layers
Extending the class of materials in CMOS fabrication
R&D etch specialist
As R&D Engineer Etch Process, you will provide etch process solutions and an understanding of the interactions between etch and the overall integration scheme
Postdoc -3D interconnects for hybrid system integration
Be a frontrunner in enabling System and Application driven technology optimization for future semiconductor roadmap
PDK and Compact Model Development Engineer
Developing device compact models based on hardware measurements for use in circuit simulations.
Principal Modeling Architect
Principal High Performance System Architect
Explore the impact of imec’s technology solutions on tomorrow’s Machine Learning and AI systems.
Photochemistry of materials for super-resolution nanoscopy and nanolithography
Image things that are too small to see with optical imaging. Extend optical resolution to features that are significantly smaller than the illumination wavelength. 
Principal CPU/SoC architect
Explore the impact of imec’s technology solutions on tomorrow’s Machine Learning and AI systems.
Evaluate instruction set architecture dependency of computer system simulations
Explore the impact of different instruction set architectures (e.g. x86, ARM, RISC-V) on results of computer system simulators. 
Assembly Engineer
Technical support interface between our international customers and the different assembly houses
ASIC Design Project Manager/System Architect
Become our ASIC Design Project Manager for our US customer base.
Process Integration Engineer
Developing and implementing novel process flows on 200 and 300 mm wafer fabrication platforms in non-CMOS technologies
R&D Team Leader Silicon Photonics
Join the silicon photonics team at imec’s R&D headquarters located in the heart of Europe and contribute to revolutionizing next-generation integrated silicon photonics!
Process Integration Engineer FEOL
Coordinating FEOL integration development projects for advanced logic technology
Smart Data Movement in Hybrid Storage Systems
Explore hybrid storage systems from a hybrid location (imec Leuven - LIRMM Montpellier) 
Analog Design Engineer Image Sensor
Designing high-end electronic circuits for CMOS image sensors and compiling larger blocks of an IC in layout, in simulation (mixed-mode) and in verification.
Lead 3D Heterogeneous Integration Engineer
Join the 3D Heterogeneous Integration team at imec’s R&D headquarters located in the heart of Europe and help in progressing the state of the art in Advance Packaging with a focus on Si Photonics and uLED device integration
Photonics Integration Engineer
Join the Silicon Photonics team at imec’s R&D headquarters located in the heart of Europe and help in revolutionizing next-generation optical interconnects.
Senior Photonics Integration Engineer
Join the Silicon Photonics team at imec’s R&D headquarters located in the heart of Europe and help in revolutionizing next-generation optical interconnects.
R&D Engineer Grinding
Supporting R&D activities on Wafer Grinding and CMP
R&D Engineer Die to Wafer bonding
You will be responsible for developing new die bonding processes and will particicpate in research activities where Die to wafer bonding is required (3D integrated systems, image sensors, photonics, biomedical devices).
Modeling of advanced charge trap flash memory
Develop a fundamental modeling approach to increase understanding of scaled charge trap flash memories
Charge trapping in advanced CMOS devices at cryogenic temperatures for quantum computing applications
Unravel fundamental reliability physics to enable large-scale quantum computing
Area-selective deposition: a bottom-up technique for creating future nanoscale CMOS devices
You will gain fundamental understanding that will contribute to the development of innovative and industrially relevant solutions for future nano-electronic devices
Low temperature epitaxy and germanosilicides for ultimate contact scaling
Unravel a fundamental limitation of ultimately scaled CMOS devices
Unraveling the geometry of three-dimensional devices with Raman spectroscopy
When photons and phonons meet to improve our nanoscale vision
Electro-optical devices for quantum computing technologies
An application-oriented research exploration on how electrically controlled optics might help to enable emerging quantum technologies.
Voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy: MRAM above GHz operation with ultra-low power consumption
Join imec’s research on VCMA-MRAM, and enable the breakthroughs needed towards 10X power consumption reduction
On-Chip Dual Comb Spectroscopy
Develop novel optical source (dual comb) for real time integrated spectroscopy with unprecedented performance.
Machine learning opportunities for reliability research
Make machine learning into a helpful tool to gain insight in electronic device reliability phenomena.
Fundamental study of scanning probe interaction with semiconductor surfaces in viscous media for enabling 3D nanoelectronics device analysis
You shape the future of enabling scanning probe microscopy measurements for electrical measurements of nanoelectronics devices
2D-material based devices for future logic chips
Can 2D-material based devices extend the technology scaling roadmap?
Nano-scale materials characterization for quantum computing devices
Make each atom count and LEAP forward the quantum computing technology
Unlocking the profiling of 3D devices with Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Can you help our ions to see better?
Fundamental aspects of atom probe tomography applied to semiconductor devices
Help us to tackle metrology challenges for the development of next generation devices
Moire Potential landscape engineering
Creating and engineering superlattices by means of optical and dielectric interference effects in two-dimensional materials
Advanced calibration of TCAD process simulators towards N2
The aggressive downscaling of FET devices (FinFET, NanowireFET, NanosheetFET, ForksheetFET, CFET...) in past years has put a great emphasis on the need to come up with properly calibrated process and device simulation tools (TCAD) to predict performances, suggest processing optio
Sr. Strategic Partnership Manager, Health (East Coast Region)
Establishing and growing strategic relationships with new and existing partners outside of the semiconductor industry such as health.
Sr. Strategic Partnerships Manager Fabless and System companies
Growing our business with new partners and industries
Researcher Advanced Optical Modulation
Expert in integrated optical design and advanced materials for high-speed optical phase shifting and modulation.
III-V RF Device Fabrication and Characterization Engineer
Design of RF transistors and fabrication in the lab.
MEMS Product Design Expert
Design novel MEMS system in existing technologies and technologies under development
Program Manager Optical I/O Technology
Combine advanced R&D, project execution and partner interface
Senior Process Engineer Lithography
As Senior Process Engineer Lithography you will define, execute, improve and coordinate lithography development in the area of CMORE (MEMS, actuators, sensors ...) and Core (Logic, Memory, Interconnect, 3D...).
Machine Learning Performance Analysis Engineer
Analyze tomorrow’s artificial intelligence applications to explore their performance on large scale future computer systems.
Postdoc Exploring fundamental performance and reliability of ultra-low power VCMA MRAM
Chip Manufacturing Support Engineer
Coordinator and interface between the chip manufacturing plants and our customers
Process Engineer Dry Etch
Analytical Performance Modeling Researcher
Development Engineer Electronic Testing
Memory Process Integration Engineer
Coordinating integration development projects for advanced memory technologies
Junior Process Integration Engineer for MEMS, Sensors, and 3D Integration (Master)
Developing and implementing novel process flows on 200 and 300 mm wafer fabrication platforms in non-CMOS technologies.
CVD Process Engineer
Development of stress-induced large-area thin-film layer release
Enabling large-scale transfer of high-quality novel materials. 
Device Engineer
R&D engineer Magnetic Thin Films Deposition
You will research and develop magnetic thin films to enable advanced materials and stack designs for next generation magnetic devices and for specific customer applications.
R&D engineer Thin Film Deposition: Patterning materials
As R&D engineer, you will help on developing different thin films in imec’s 300 mm state-of-the-art clean room facility.
BEOL Integration Engineer
BEOL Integration Engineer, with 3+ years industry experience. Directly completed Ph.D and M.S. candidates will not be considered.
Senior Device R&D Engineer
Develop and integrate Logic Devices into imec logic flows, and optimize them for performance, reliability, mismatch, yield, and manufacturing.
Process Integration Engineer FEOL
Coordinating FEOL integration development projects for advanced logic technology
FEOL Integration Engineer
MEOL Integration Engineer
Program Manager
Our scientists and engineers work closely with those of our partners. They have set up a fast R&D cycle, feeding the results of fundamental research to the fabs where materials and structures are probed and tested for suitability and characteristics. Based on the silicon data, fu
Electrical Device Engineer
- Device design and optimization for targeting an application specific specification. - Design, layout and maintain sensor layouts from concept, over development to ready for series production. - Model the electrical behavior of the devices you design to compare to tightly cont
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