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Move your digital or deep-tech startup forward by joining forces with a partner who understands your needs.

It takes one brilliant mind to come up with a great idea. But turning it into a successful product is never a one-person job. Especially if your idea involves digital or silicon technology, you need infrastructure and expertise, funding and business support, and access to the tech industry’s value chain.

Through its central position in the deep-tech ecosystem and its wide venturing experience – launching over 40 spinoffs since its inception – imec is the ideal partner to take your idea and guide it towards commercial maturity. Click on the pictures below to find out more.

In 2023, imec was ranked number one start-up accelerator by UBI Global

Two imec experts on both sides of the Atlantic take the pulse of deep-tech venturing.
Services and support for deep-tech startups

Explore our support for deep-tech start-ups and investors.

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imec spin-offs
imec spin-offs

Scroll through our list of spin-offs since 1986.

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Explore our accelerator program for tech startups.

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This fund investst in deep-tech projects in which the imec knowledge, expertise and infrastructure will be the differentiating factor for success.

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