Imec the Netherlands: tackling global challenges with local partners

From the microscope to the compact disc... For centuries, the Netherlands have been home to innovations that changed our world. Imec the Netherlands continues that tradition by optimizing state-of-the-art technologies with local partners.

The world is facing its challenges head-on. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are clear signposts towards a sustainable future. By 2035, everyone should have access to plentiful food, good health, clean water, decent work, ...

These targets radiate confidence and ambition. In order to succeed, we need concerted efforts from all actors in society, such as governments, business and academia.

Most of all, we need targeted innovations: solutions that change the way we produce and consume, take care of our health, organize our cities. Solutions that are driven by societal needs and enabled by technology.

At imec the Netherlands, we consider it our mission to develop these targeted innovations with real impact on people’s lives.

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Global expertise, local partners

We maximize the impact of our activities by:

  • working with world-class technologies
  • exploring their possibilities with local partners

Our research is nurtured by our connection with the international imec organization, a world-leading R&D hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies that boasts more than 4000 researchers, a 12,000 m² cleanroom, and a global ecosystem of universities and companies across the value chain.

We combine our microchip technology expertise with artificial intelligence and data science to develop applications that target local and global needs – often in collaboration with Dutch research groups, universities and companies. The Netherlands is home to some of the most advanced organizations in semiconductor technologies, agriculture and civil engineering. They easily find their way to our research centers in Wageningen and Eindhoven.

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Application domains

Our researchers are committed to develop technologies that define the future of:

  • vitality and wellbeing – Next-generation wearable, ingestible, implantable and non-contact devices will empower people to take control of their health.
  • mobility – Technologies such as digital keys, in-cabin sensors and radars will enhance the safety and convenience of our travels and commutes.
  • smart & intuitive spaces – Communication technology, sensors and algorithms surround us and interact with us to ensure the health and comfort of our houses and offices.
  • sustainable environment – Smart sensing networks and data analytics will allow us to assess and remediate air, soil and water quality with granular precision.

Research centers

The activities of imec the Netherlands are spread over two research centers with specific objectives:

  • OnePlanet Research Center explores chip and digital technology innovations for a sustainable future in food, agriculture and health – in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Radboud University and Radboudumc.
  • Holst Centre researches technologies such as the Internet of Things and wearable technologies for sustainable health and environments in an innovative collaboration model with TNO.

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