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Integrated photonics

With a proven track record in advanced silicon photonics, R&D, and a state-of-the-art integrated silicon photonics and silicon nitride photonics platform, imec is your ideal development partner in realizing your silicon photonics solution.


Our cutting-edge optical devices are processed at wafer scale in our in-house 200mm and 300mm CMOS pilot lines. They include high performance devices for light modulation, switching, coupling, filtering and detection at data rates of 50GB/s and beyond.

Use qualified reference components from our device library or explore your own custom silicon photonic designs implemented in our platform. Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) runs enable you to cost-efficiently manufacture silicon photonics devices with cutting-edge performance.

Click on the topics below to explore our state-of-the-art silicon photonics portfolio for research and development including prototyping and low-volume manufacturing:

Silicon photonic ICs for prototyping

Discover imec’s versatile high-performance silicon photonics platform, iSiPP, which enables competitive ICs for short reach optical interconnects. 

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Next-generation silicon photonics

Discover imec’s research into fully CMOS-compatible silicon-based optical links for datacom network, backplane, board, interposer and chip-level interconnects.

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Silicon photonics design

Integrate silicon photonics in your computing or communication platform.

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Want to boost your next-gen photonic applications? Imec is looking into high-performance integrated photonics electro-optic devices (HI-PED) to increase the performance of silicon photonics.

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Silicon nitride-based photonics

Take advantage of imec's 200-mm commercial platforms for the dedicated development of your SiN-based photonic ICs.

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H2020 MORPHIC project

In the H2020 MORPHIC project we develop a new class of programmable optical chips enabled by a combination of MEMS technology and Silicon Photonics. These chips can dramatically shorten the prototyping and deployment cycle of new photonic applications. More info on: https://h2020morphic.eu/

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Characterization and statistical analysis of waveguide losses on a silicon nitride photonics platform
Design of Broadband Photonic Integrated Components for Optical Coherence Tomography
High performance photonic integrated circuits for imaging
Nanophotonic Raman Spectroscopy for sensitive molecular fingerprinting
Nanophotonic Raman Spectroscopy for sensitive molecular fingerprinting
Photo-acoustic imaging algorithm for new ultra-sensitive opto-mechanical ultrasound sensor
We are looking forward to accurate and beautiful images!
Characterization of an Optical Microphone
Characterize new generation of ultra sensitive optical microphones.
Going beyond conventional approaches of light management for photovoltaics with black Si for tandem solar cells
Study of resonator losses in Optically-pumped Perovskite lasers
Laser design and optimization
Design of an opto-mechanical ultrasound transducer for iono-acoustic tomography
Next generation silicon photonic ultrasound detector for hybrid imaging modalities (ultrasonography, photoacoustic imaging and iono-acoustic tomography)
Optical Researcher
Design, modeling and layout for integrated systems
Test Development Engineer
As our Test Development Engineer your main focus will be characterization of integrated silicon photonics optical devices, both in and outside our state of the art clean room.
Passive Optical Devices Designer
As a Passive Optical Devices Designer, you contribute to the further development of our silicon photonics platforms (SOI and SiN).
R&D Team Leader Silicon Photonics
Join the silicon photonics team at imec’s R&D headquarters located in the heart of Europe and contribute to revolutionizing next-generation integrated silicon photonics!
Process Integration Engineer
As our Process Integration Engineer, you will be responsible for development and characterization of new silicon technologies in the Life science and Sensor & Actuators area.
Photonics Integration Engineer
Join the Silicon Photonics team at imec’s R&D headquarters located in the heart of Europe and help in revolutionizing next-generation optical interconnects.
Senior Photonics Integration Engineer
Join the Silicon Photonics team at imec’s R&D headquarters located in the heart of Europe and help in revolutionizing next-generation optical interconnects.
Photonics Design Engineer
Join our new Photonics research track and design the next generation of Health, Connectivity and Industrial applications
Senior Silicon Photonics Packaging R&D Engineer
Develop the next-generation, low-cost fiber packaging solution for Silicon Photonics.
R&D Engineer Die to Wafer bonding
You will be responsible for developing new die bonding processes and will particicpate in research activities where Die to wafer bonding is required (3D integrated systems, image sensors, photonics, biomedical devices).
R&D Engineer Temporary Wafer Bonding & Debonding
You will be responsible for developing new temporary wafer bonding and debonding processes and you participate in research activities where thin wafer processing is required (3D logic, 3D integrated systems, image sensors, biomedical devices).
ESD Protections and Characterizations in Advanced Optical I/O Technologies
ESD reliability is essential to enable future Optical Interconnects
Investigate Nano-Ridge Engineering of different III-V compound materials towards new optoelectronic devices integrated on Si substrate
Apply a unique monolithic III-V integration approach to different III-V alloys with the aim of realizing new hetero-structures for optoelectronic devices in Silicon Photonics
Electro-optical devices for quantum computing technologies
An application-oriented research exploration on how electrically controlled optics might help to enable emerging quantum technologies.
Non-reciprocal integrated photonic devices
Advanced integrated photonic systems like transceivers, LiDARs, routers, ..., rely on internal isolation between ports for which symmetry-breaking devices still need development
On-Chip Dual Comb Spectroscopy
Develop novel optical source (dual comb) for real time integrated spectroscopy with unprecedented performance.
Integrated photonic laser sources for optical coherence tomography
Develop ultra-fast sources for cutting edge optical coherence tomography imaging
Photonic design of a coherent imager for solid-state LiDAR
Design a novel PIC-based FMCW-capable imager for enabling massively-parallel ranging data acquisition in solid-state LiDAR systems.
Photonic Scientific and Project Lead
Senior contributor and project lead for photonic projects
Integrated photonic laser sources for optical coherence tomography
Develop ultra-fast sources for cutting edge optical coherence tomography imaging
Researcher Advanced Optical Modulation
Expert in integrated optical design and advanced materials for high-speed optical phase shifting and modulation.
Process engineer
Monitor and guarantee the quality of the litho scanners and e-beam writer tools in our cleanroom
Program Manager Optical I/O Technology
Combine advanced R&D, project execution and partner interface
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What can we do for you?

  • Our unique state-of-the-art 50Gb/ silicon photonics platform offers you an advanced development and prototyping facility for the realization of your customized silicon photonics solutions. Accelerate your product roadmap and shorten your time-to-market by leveraging our integrated platform in close collaboration with our development teams.

Why work with us?

  • Our industrial affiliation program in optical I/O gives you access to the industry’s most advanced pre-competitive research into next generation integrated photonics. Join our global R&D ecosystem and access the most innovative research results.
  • Our in-depth silicon photonics technology and design knowledge is supported by our expertise centers in advanced material and component analysis, modeling, metrology, reliability, process steps, systems technology co-optimization and more.

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