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/Our future starts with you.

Our future starts with you.

Together we take on the challenges of tomorrow

At imec, we believe technology contributes to a better future. And that we can all play an active role. Together, we tackle challenges that impact the way we live. The future starts with the talent of every one of us.

Discover what imec has to offer for your future.

Research and development
Research & Development

R&D in an international environment with state-of-the-art tools? Join us in building the bridge between research and industry. 

Engineers and technicians
Engineers & Technicians

Technology has the power to improve lives. Become part of one of our technical & engineering teams. And start changing the world. 

Sales and management
Sales, management & support services

Progress requires strategy, support, and insights. Your unique skill set is what we are looking for. Do you want to become part of our story?

Academic opportunities

Student at imec
Student at imec
PhD at imec
PhD at imec
Postdoc at imec
Tenure Track
Joint programs and scholarships
Joint Programs and Scholarships
Imec School
Imec school
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Benefits at imec

Working at imec is more than just a job. Together, we are part of a first-rate innovation hub. With research that significantly impacts how we will communicate, travel, and live in the future. Your work matters, and we know it.

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About imec

Our future starts with innovation that improves the lives of all of us. Imec is one of the world’s largest and most prominent R&D players in nanoelectronics and digital innovation. We develop technology up to 10 years ahead of today's. Our 5,500 colleagues from all over the globe take on the challenges of tomorrow. To ensure better health, safer mobility, sustainable energy, and much more. Together with our worldwide partners, we shape the roadmap for the semiconductor industry for the years to come. At imec, you aren’t just ahead; you're first.

Our future starts with bridging the gap between research and industry. Making imec a one-of-a-kind environment to work in, with only the best tools available. We commit to our colleagues the same way we do to our partners. We embrace respect, integrity, and flexibility. Opportunities to grow as an individual and as a team. Researchers, engineers, operators, software developers, lawyers, sales professionals, and countless others. We are a unique blend of people. And our future starts with you.

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Diversity as fuel for innovation

The mission, vision, and values of imec are built on the foundations of respect and diversity. We actively embrace diversity of all kinds. We want to make a positive difference in our workplace and in the world. 

Let us show you how

Need assistance during your application journey? Don't hesitate to contact us. Imec provides accommodation and support for qualified individuals with disabilities.


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