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This is a story about how talent grows technology and technology grows talent. How people rise above themselves when working on challenges no one has ever faced before. This is imec. Come find your place in it.

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Research & Development

Find great opportunities for researchers and engineers. We welcome wonderful talent that will shape our lives in the years to come.

Engineers & Technicians

Technology starts with people. At imec the names of those people show their diversity, including Hilde, Kim, Praveen and Umberto… and perhaps you?

Sales, management & support services

Help us develop the strategies, networks and insights we need to grow our business into the enterprise we have envisioned.

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Student at imec

To study is to prepare yourself for a purpose you may have yet to establish. At imec you can learn to improve people’s lives with a bit of technology and a lot of bravery.


Doctoral research at the heart of science and the bottom line of business. Find industrial and social relevance in your research, and above all, the excitement of working at the cutting edge of technology.


Advance your research after your complete your PhD. Our postdoc programs have been developed in collaboration with KU Leuven University to match our research domains. Find out if they match your dreams as well.

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