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Sensing and actuation

Explore imec’s CMOS-based sensing and actuation innovations.

Sensor and actuator devices are multiplying in both consumer and professional domains. That’s in no small part due to the exceptional capability of semiconductor technology to downscale prices and form factors.

To extend this path and enable new applications in domains such as life sciences and agrifood, imec works on a wide array of sensor-actuator technologies – and their integration into comprehensive solutions.

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Optical sensing

Explore imec’s unique expertise in the development of CMOS- and photonics-based image sensors.

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Leaflet LiDAR019 V3 1
On-chip optical beamforming

Reduce the size and cost of your beamforming technology.

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MEMS-based ultrasound transducers
Ultrasound transducer technology

Take advantage of imec’s MEMS-based ultrasound transducer expertise and foundry-installed platform.

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15 radar
Radar sensing

Learn more about imec’s development of high-resolution and compact radar solutions.

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Sensor data fusion

Learn more about imec’s data fusion solutions for diverse sensor types across a wide range of applications.

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08 IoT Sensors
IoT sensors

Dive into innovative solutions for sensor networks, high-speed networks and sensor technologies.

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What can we do for you?

  • We offer flexible collaboration models ranging from pure contract research for concept design, prototyping and low volume manufacturing, to full support in process technology transfer and licensing to a CMOS foundry for high-volume production ramp-up.
  • We offer custom product development with strong engagement model of collaboration matching your own internal R&D team objectives.

Why work with us?

  • Our comprehensive expertise includes image processing expertise, HW and SW system design, calibration, simulation and more.
  • Our unique CMOS semiconductor infrastructure includes a 1 billion euro state-of-the-art 200mm and 300mm cleanroom for process technology development.
  • Ideal environment from early prototyping to ramping up small-volume production of up to 500 wafers per year per project.

At imec bright people build a bright future.

You could be one of these builders. Whether you are an engineer or an operator, a consultant or PhD student, we need a versatile group of people to help us create positive change.

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Related jobs

Hyperspectral Imaging Sensor Test & Calibration Engineer
Test and characterisation of imec's hyperspectral sensors that are used for cutting-edge medical, industrial and space applications.
Talented Analog IC Designer
Gain eternal fame and have lots of fun
UAV hyperspectral imaging
Hyperspectral imaging into the wild
Sensor fusion for object detection and scene analysis
Develop novel sensor fusion paradigms that far exceed the performance of traditional architectures in border cases that do not conform to standard models, with far reaching benefits in fields of autonomous driving, traffic monitoring, industrial automation, security & surveillanc
On-Chip Dual Comb Spectroscopy
Develop novel optical source (dual comb) for real time integrated spectroscopy with unprecedented performance.
RoSee - High-speed neuromorphic vision for household robots
Take robotic perception to the next level!
Photonic design of a coherent imager for solid-state LiDAR
Design a novel PIC-based FMCW-capable imager for enabling massively-parallel ranging data acquisition in solid-state LiDAR systems.
FMCW Lidar read-out IC design
Building the Next level Lidar!
BEOL Process Integration Engineer - ATP (Advanced Technology Platform)
Join the Advanced Technology Platform team at imec's R&D headquarters located in the heart of Europe and help strengthen technology and modules across imec’s many programs
FEOL Process Integration Engineer - ATP (Advanced Technology Platform)
Join the Advanced Technology Platform team at imec's R&D headquarters located in the heart of Europe and help strengthen technology and modules across imec’s many programs.
Electrical Device Engineer
Silicon Photonics Design Engineer
Design, model and layout silicon-based photonic components, circuits and sub-systems
Integrated GHz Scanning Acoustic Microscope for 3D nanoimaging
Design a new acoustic microscope for 3D imaging of microelectronic architectures
ASIC Process & FA Engineer
ASIC Failure Analysis & Process Engineering
Industrialization engineer - Electronics
Set up and control the industrialization phases of the Product/System development: Proof of Concept – Prototype – Qualification – Production
Postdoctoral Researcher Next generation Image Sensors under Radiation Conditions
High-energy radiation effects on high-speed and disruptive image sensors (QD-SWIR, ToF, SPAD)
Senior Analog Design Engineer
Design state of the art analog IPs and chip
Director Product Test, Yield & Reliability (PDT)
Drive and inspire an enthusiastic and talented team of engineers across multiple imec R&D groups developing yield and failure analysis techniques
Postdoctoral Researcher: Advanced phase shifters for next generation integrated photonics
Develop and implement a new set of active acousto-optic PIC components in the SiN platform
Program Director/Manager - Product research and development for Specialty Integrated Circuits - PDT
Strengthen imec’s offering for niche Product development and production and to contribute to the strategy definition of the group.
Postdoctoral Researcher: Inverse Design of Flat Optics for imagers and AR
Develop and leverage state of the art inverse design techniques to design and manufacture flat optics
Senior Analog and Mixed-Signal Design Engineer for Sense & Actuate SoCs
Design high-performance analog and mixed signal circuits for sensor and actuator interfaces. Develop complex Systems on Chip from concept to low volume production. Join us and find the perfect balance between research and industry.
Imaging and Computer Vision Engineer
Develop and implement vision software to acquire images/videos from various computational imaging systems, analyse videos and images and contribute to prototype & product development
Optical system design expert
Modeling, simulating, designing, and proof of concept development of new photonic and opto-electronic concepts for light emission, and sensing across visible and infrared
Patent Information Officer (MSc in Physics, Electronics or Electrical Engineering)
Using your scientific background to do patentability searches, patent landscape studies and assessments of the patent portfolios
Postdoctoral Researcher Mm-wave Imaging Radar
We are currently looking for a postdoctoral researcher with significant experience in MIMO and SAR radar architecture and processing to join our millimeter-wave radar team.
Scientific Lead Image Sensor Design
Innovate on image sensor & pixel architectures beyond the limits of current image sensors
R&D Project Leader
Take care of projects and external partner follow-up, keep the overview of the technical activities
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