Biomedical AFE, 3ch ECG acquisition front-end, 1.2V Instrumentation Amplifier

Biomedical AFE, 3ch ECG acquisition front-end, 1.2V Instrumentation Amplifier.


Macro Name  Biomedical AFE, 3ch ECG acquisition front-end, 1.2V Instrumentation Amplifier
Type Hard IP
Short Description(max 128 characters)  A 3-channel ECG readout ASIC suited for low-power wearable applications. The full chip consumes less than 80uW for 3ch recording and meets ANSI/AAMI EC38 requirements. It comes in a small form-factor QFN48 package..
Extra description (optional) The IC features 3 identical ECG recording channels with concurrent electrode-tissue-impedance monitoring on all channels. It provides high performance (1.6uVmrs noise in 150Hz, 100dB CMRR, 12b ADC, SPI output port, <80uW with all 3 channels active) in a compact form factor (QFN48). Thanks to the higly integrated solution, it is perfectly suited for battery-powered wearable applications.
Market category Consumer Electronics - Industrial and medical
Possible applications & standards Wearable healthcare and lifestyle/fitness. Performance is complient with ANSI/AAMI EC38 standards.
Primary Category  Analog & Mixed Signal IP: AFE Sensor
Node / process 0.18um 1P6M Mixed-Signal 1.8V/3.3V CMOS
Foundry  TSMC
Maturity  Silicon proven, corner lot measurement results available
Leaflet or datasheet URL  
Chip area(for Hard IP only) (um**2) 10720000
Width (for Hard IP only) (um) 3350
Height (for Hard IP only) (um) 3200
Constant Power (mW) 0.08mW (all 3 channels active)
  • ECG recording ASIC
  • 3-channel ECG with concurrent ETI recording
  • Low voltage (1.2V core / 1.8-3.3V IO)
  • 1.6uVrms input noise (in 150Hz)
  • >100dB CMRR
  • 12b integatred ADCs
  • SPI output
  • QFN48
  • whitebox IP license with technology transfer training and support

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