Macro Name          Delta-Sigma modulator 84dB SNR, 250Hz BW  
Width (for Hard IP only) 0.8mm  
Height (for Hard IP only) 0.86mm  
Power 3.6uW for the modulator  
Short Description*(max 128 characters)  This IP is an ultra-low power SD-modulator optimized for low bandwidth, ultra-low-power applications, including sensor readouts, healthcare solutions and IoT. It is a discrete-time second-order SD modulator with fully differential switched-capacitor circuits. The quantizer is a 5b SAR-ADC with passive adder. Chopper compensation is used to remove the first integrator non-idealities. The modulator requires only a single 32kHz reference clock and doesn’t rely on high-speed, high-power clocks. Reference designs for ADC driver, reference drivers and decimation filters are available.  
Primary* Category  Analog & Mixed Signal IP:A2D Converter  
Secondary Category  Analog & Mixed Signal IP:Oversampling Modulator  
Node  180nm MixedMode CMOS  
Foundry  TSMC  
Process 1P6M (1 poly, 6 metals) MM CMOS  
Portability* ASIC  
Maturity*  Silicon proven on prototypes, hence only white-box license (no corner characterization performed for high volume production)  
IP Location * core  
Market category Consumer Electronics, Medical  
Overview General overview of the IP  
Features 1 SD-modulator in 180nm CMOS  
Features 2 1.2V supply  
Features 3 84dB SNR  
Features 4 3.6uW  
Features 5 250Hz BW  
Features 6 500fJ/conv  
Features 7 Only requires 32.738kHz RTC clock  
Features 8 70dB SNDR  
Deliverables 1 whitebox IP license (including matlab model) with technology transfer training and support    

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