Macro Name  MUSEIC1.1: A multi-parameter signal-acquisition SoC for connected personal health applications
Short Description(max 128 characters)  A single-chip solution for low-power multi-parameter signal acquisition for healthcare applications.
Extra description (optional) MUSEIC is a single-chip solution for low-power multiparameter signal acquisition for healthcare applications. It features 3 ECG readouts as well as a single bio-impedance readout and 2 general purpose analog readouts. Flexible digital interfaces (SPI, I2C, UART and GPIO) are provided to support additional external sensors with digital outputs. The built-in ARMTM Cortex M0 core and HW accelerator for matrix multiply/accumulate operations allows a wide range of on-chip signal conditioning/filtering to be performed. A total of 128kB on-chip SRAM (in 4 banks) is available for code and data use.
Market category Consumer Electronics, Industrial and medical
Possible applications & standards Wearable Healthcare and Lifestyle, Body Area Network
Primary Category  Analog & Mixed Signal IP: Analog readouts and digital processing
Node / process 0.18um 1P6M Mixed-Signal 1.8V/3.3V CMOS
Foundry  TSMC
Maturity  Silicon proven on prototypes and products. Limited corner validation
Leaflet or datasheet URL  
Conference where this IP has been published ISSCC 2014: A multi-parameter signal-acquisition SoC for connected personal health applications
Paper publication URL Find the publication here
Chip area(for Hard IP only) (um**2) 49000000 um2
Width (for Hard IP only) (um) 7000 um
Height (for Hard IP only) (um) 7000 um
Power (uW/MHz) 751 uW for data collection from 2 ECG+ETI channels, Bio-impedance, and accelerator, executing Motion Artefact Reduction and CWT-based R-peak detection
Features Analog readouts:
  • Three ECG channels (18b) with real-time motion artefact reduction based on ETI
  • One bio-impedance channel (12b)
  • Two general purpose channels
  • ARMtm Cortex M0 processor core with 128 kB on-chip SRAM
  • Digital interfaces: SPI (5x), I2C (2x), UART (2x), GPIO (32x)
  • Matrix / vector operations accelerator
  • Timers (4x), Real-time clock using 32kHz oscillator
  • Ultra low power
Deliverables whitebox IP license (including test PCB) with technology transfer training and support