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Autosens BXL

19 - 21 September 2023 | Brussels, BE

The best-in-class event bringing together ADAS and AV specialists to shape the future of vehicle perception.



21 September - 11h40 - Talk by Jan Aelterman, Professor, imec - Ghent University 

Context Adaptation for Automotive Sensor Fusion 

Sensor fusion is key to environment perception in challenging conditions like snow, hail, nighttime, lens flares... Nowadays individual sensor processing relies heavily on machine learning, requiring algorithm developers to create or simulate large amounts of challenging training samples. Unfortunately, this leads to a combinatorically increasing need for training data to create all combinations of challenging conditions (e.g. snow+hail+night+lens flare). We propose “context-adaptive” fusion as a solution: a probabilistic approach wherein an “interpretation layer” translates the output statistic of an existing sensor algorithm to one that is tuned to a particular challenging context like fog, snow, hail, nighttime, lens flares, or even distance. The advantage is that this approach allows to adapt to the challenging context without requiring modification of existing sensor algorithms, using only a very small number of training samples. It is a natural fit for sensor fusion architectures where edge AI is provided with a low-data-rate input of said contexts through what is called “cooperative” sensor fusion. This talk will thus demonstrate how a “cooperative” fusion architecture outperforms a standard sensor fusion pipeline in terms of detection accuracy and tracking  performance by adapting to different contexts through the proposed “interpretation layers”.

21 September - 2h40 - Panel discussion: Could the Chiplet Save Moore’s Law? 

Chiplets have the potential to contribute to the evolution of semiconductor technology and help address some challenges associated with Moore's Law. This exponential technology presents a new paradigm in the semiconductor industry, allowing developers to enhance power efficiency, improve yield, and optimise performance with their modular nature. However, challenges still remain: how does the industry integrate connectivity? What standards and norms should be applied for true centralised processing to be achieved? And how do we minimise latency and power consumption? 

Join this panel to discuss the opportunities and challenges chiplet technology brings to the automotive industry. 

Bart Placklé, Vice President of Automotive, imec 


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We’re bringing AutoSens to Autoworld in Brussels once again to meet and shape the future of ADAS and AV.

You can look forward to the freshest agenda of over 60 speakers across expert panels, technical case studies, and sessions covering 12 key themes. You will experience an exhibition full of demos from technology companies at the forefront of sensors and computer vision to explore. 

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