Autosens BXL

September 15-17, 2020 | Brussels, BE

A spectacular venue for anyone with a passion for cars. Once again, the perfect backdrop for the continuation of technical discussion concerning the future of vehicle perception technology. With the AutoSens Awards taking place in AutoWorld, added venue features and enhanced networking, all attendees will have a multitude of experiences in 2020.


9:25 AM- 9:50 AM ( 25 Min ) 
Programming Heterogeneous Systems for Automotive Applications using Quasar - IMAX Theater
In this talk, we will discuss some key programming principles for heterogeneous systems, in particular how to optimize across components (on the low-level image processing level and on the system level) to answer questions such as above. We present our own Quasar compiler and programming framework for this purpose. We will demonstrate a toolchain for Radar/LiDAR/RGB sensor fusion.

Prof. Bart Goossens
Professor Advanced Image Processing Systems and Sensor Fusion
imec and Ghent University
4:45 PM- 5:10 PM ( 25 Min ) 
Radar and capacitive sensors for In-cabin monitoring and short range ADAS functions - ITC Gallery
The presentation discusses applications such as gesture recognition, climate control, health monitoring and audio sectioning, which can be enabled by unobtrusive and privacy preserving devices such as radar and capacitive sensors and the co-processing of this data for measurement augmentation. We also discuss some of the challenges and benefits of imaging radar and highlight applications that are enabled by the technology.

Orges Furxhi
R&D Manager

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