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Semicon Europe

16 - 19 November 2021 | Munich, DE

Accelerating the digital transformation

SEMICON Europa 2021 supports the European industry working in the digitalization roadmap and empowers collaboration along the value chain for faster, reliable, and secure transformation that is fitting to the new normal and new digital age. This coming November, we welcome on the Executive Forum key executives of the most important organizations and together we envision a digitalized, connected and secure future.

The program offers insight into market trends and opportunities of Europe’s industry. At the Executive Forum, global executive leaders offer inspiration and share their perspective of the industry on a variety of level. This forum sets the scene and fosters discussions of urgent and emerging topics that will be addressed throughout the SEMICON week.

  • Accelerating Innovation: Insights from the leading European Research Institutes on up and upcoming technological advancements
  • Sustainable and connected future: Roadmap for greener and more trusted applications and the role of semiconductors within it
  • European Manufacturing Excellence: Challenges and opportunities in semiconductor manufacturing


November 16

  • Luc Van den hove, CEO, imec - Executive Forum 10:00 am - 4:00 pm at Hall B2
  • Thomas Ashby, Senior Research Engineer, imec - Privacy Preserving Amalgamated Machine Learning (PAML) in the Fab, and machine learning workflow in the MADEin4 project 11:00 am

November 17

  • Geert Langereis, Research Program Manager - Semiconductor Technology for New Architectures of Implantable Devices 3:15 pm

November 18

  • Quentin Herr, Scientific Director - Superconducting Digital Computing 12:30 pm
  • Andy Miller will be on the committee - Advanced Packaging Conference (APC) 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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