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imec Brussels

Our office in Brussels is used by two of our research groups, being ETRO and SMIT. These labs are part of the AI Experience Center. We also have a European networking hub at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, with which we aim to bring together co-creation and citizens participation, Open Data and Open services, interoperability between cities.

Contact us

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 9
1050 Brussels
First floor

Map Imec Brussels

How to reach us

The offices of imec-VUB (SMIT/ETRO) are located on the first floor of the office building at Pleinlaan 9 (Boulevard de la Plaine 9), 1050 Brussels.

This is across from the campus of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Pleinlaan 2).

By public transport

imec-VUB can easily be reached by public transport (NMBS/SNCB/STIB/MIVB):

By train

  • It is at 2 minutes walking distance of railway station “Etterbeek”, which has a good connection with the 3 main railway stations of Brussels (Bruxelles-Nord, Bruxelles-Central and Bruxelles-Midi) and with the railway stations Bruxelles-Schuman and Bruxelles-Luxembourg.

By tram

  • Trams 7 and 25 stop off railway station “Etterbeek” on the Generaal Jacqueslaan (Boulevard Général Jacques).

By bus

  • Bus 95 has a stop called “Station Etterbeek”, which is at the crossing of the Kroonlaan (Avenue de la Couronne) and the Generaal Jacqueslaan.

By metro

  • The metro station closest to the imec-VUB (SMIT/ETRO) is “Pétillon” on line 5, at about 15 minutes walking distance. Taking the exit towards the Avenue Louis Schmidt, visitors can also transfer to tram lines 7 or 25 (see above).

Parking at SMIT 

Our underground parking is available for SMIT visitors. Enter the parking via the side of our building located at Pleinlaan 9. Ring the bell at “ACCUEIL” to gain entrance. To exit the parking lot, drive up to the barrier and ring the “ACCUEIL” bell.