Shifting gears on semiconductor innovation
/Webinar series: the deep-tech disruption of the automotive industry

Webinar series: the deep-tech disruption of the automotive industry

Take a peek under the hood of the world’s semiconductor innovation engine. And you’ll know where mobility is headed.

March 7/23/30, 2023
5-6 p.m. CET


Shouldn’t autonomous vehicles be roaming the streets by now? Will the interior of your next car resemble a cockpit, an entertainment center, or a doctor’s office? And how is the automotive industry supposed to innovate at chip level without dedicated semiconductor pilot lines?

We all know deep-tech is revolutionizing the automotive industry. But few can tell you what the tangible consequences will be, which exact technologies we will need, or how long we’ll have to wait for dreams to become reality.

As a world-leading R&D hub for nano- and digital technologies, imec is developing the core innovations that will drive these disruptions. That means we can offer you a unique, clear perspective on the future of the automotive industry.

This webinar series has three installments

  1. Shifting gears on semiconductor innovation: how automotive companies can get direct access to chip prototyping and volume production
    Webinar on demand
    Speakers: Nils Poel, deputy head of market affairs, CLEPA, and Luc Boschmans, program manager, imec.IC-link
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  2. Accelerating ADAS: deep-tech innovations behind next-gen driver assistance
    Webinar on demand
    Speakers: Steven Latré, AI R&D leader, imec, and Marcus Dahlem, Program manager, optical 3D sensing
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  3. Sit back and enjoy the ride: ensuring a secure and comfortable in-cabin experience
    Webinar on demand
    Speakers: Christian Bachmann, program director secure proximity, imec The Netherlands, and Ilja Ocket, program manager neuromorphic sensing, imec
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Are you active in the automotive industry and interested in its innovation potential? Then you’ll surely pick up some new insights from these webinars – whether or not you’re in a technical, commercial or executive role.

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