/3rd Tokyo Tech International Open Innovation Symposium 2021

3rd Tokyo Tech International Open Innovation Symposium 2021

November 25, 2021 | Online | 10:00-16:55 JST

Joint Program with Tokyo Tech Research Festival(TTRF)、Tokyo Tech Venture Festival(TTVF)held on November 26 as “Tokyo Tech Open innovation & venture/research festival(TTOP) “

The purpose of this symposium: 

To share the open innovation principle which is networked with respect and trust, to achieve dynamic and global development, and to reach our society for sustainable growth.

Symposium Theme:

Sustainability Transformation (SX)


Luc Van den hove - Deeptech: enabling a sustainable society

Today, we are at the dawn of the 5th disruptive innovation wave. This emerging fifth wave, the deeptech wave, builds on the convergence of technologies such as AI, material science, biology, semiconductors … to disrupt virtually every aspect of the physical world we live in. Semiconductors will be the core of many deeptech innovations thanks to their massive integration power, accessible mass production and low cost. To enable these deeptech innovations, Moore’s law will have to continue to address insatiable demands for more computation and more storage. We will realize Moore’s law by a multitude of approaches. But although semiconductor technologies have made smart electronics devices progressively sustainable thanks to their evolution towards smaller, more powerful and increasingly energy-efficient generations of ICs, it’s also essential to cut back the IC-making industry’s own ecological footprint.

In this presentation, I will present how deeptech innovation will enable smart sustainable solutions, helping to answer the global challenges. And how imec endeavors to help the complete IC value chain to reduce its ecological footprint. These challenges have to be approached in a collaborative way bringing together the right companies, the right R&D resources and leading-edge infrastructure

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