/ADMETA Plus 2023

ADMETA Plus 2023

11 - 13 October 2023 | Tokyo, Japan

Advanced Metallization Conference 2023


Invited Speakers

Zsolt Tokei on Interconnect for the next 10 years: trends, inflection points and future options



The ADMETAPlus is heading for the 32nd annual meeting and has a long history of important contributions to state-of-the-art interconnect progress for advanced logic and memory devices. In recent years, the importance of interconnect technology for realizing low resistance, large integration, low cost, high reliability, and 3D-ICs is increasing more and more in various device applications. This conference focuses on interconnects technology related to materials, processes, device, circuit design, assembly, equipment, and characterization. We will conduct comprehensive discussions widely from basics to applications with researchers and engineers from industry, government, and academia. The ADMETAPlus 2023 Theme is “Interconnection from material to VLSI system for a Sustainable Development.” 

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