/Angeltech virtual event

Angeltech virtual event

April 12, 2021 | Online

Connecting the compound semicondcutor, silicon semiconductor and photonic integrated circuits communities


Amin Abbasi, Business Development Manager
Unleashing the power of silicon nitride photonics

Silicon nitride (SiN) photonics is getting more and more attention due to its transparency window from visible to SWIR (short-wavelength infrared), high-power handling and most importantly its extremely low propagation loss. It is the ideal platform for photonic integrated circuit (PIC) applications such as lidar, gas sensing, bio-spectroscopy and communication. And for uses in the quantum domain such as quantum key distribution (QKD), quantum computing and quantum sensing. Yet the development of SiN photonic ICs is still far from a routine workflow. In this talk we will explore how to overcome the hurdles on the road to dedicated photonic chip design, manufacturing and prototyping.

Geert Hellings, Program Manager for the Logic Insite Program
From Design to System-Technology Co-Optimization for CMOS

Scaling CMOS can only be enabled with fundamental architecture innovations both at device level as well at the SoC level. At the device level we see the track height scaling trend continue, fueled by novel devices such as Forksheet and its extension to VHV, CFET and 2D channel devices. In parallel, system-level innovations leading to memory partitioning and backside interconnect are needed to maintain SoC scaling.

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