/Automobil-Elektronik Kongress

Automobil-Elektronik Kongress

18 - 19 June 2024 | Ludwigsburg, Germany

This prestigious technical conference will bring together industry experts, researchers, and innovators to discuss the latest advancements in automotive electronics.


19 June - 09:45 Talk by Bart Placklé, Vice President of Automotive Technologies, Imec: Automotive Industry in Turmoil? Chiplets to the Rescue!

The automotive industry is going through a monumental evolution – embracing software-defined vehicles, a zonal-based approach with centralized compute, and rapid electrification. This radical shift in vehicle architectures is further fueled by a relentless pursuit for unparalleled (semi-)autonomous driving experiences and the entry of disruptive innovators into the market. 

One of the results of this evolution is an exponential surge in computational demands that we can no longer meet solely by implementing semiconductor technology advancements from other sectors, with performance doubling every 18 months (known as Moore’s law). It requires us to reimagine how we build automotive compute systems. A promising route is to move away from constructing large, singular monolithic systems-on-chips (SoCs) but, instead, construct system functionalities at a granular level, integrating diverse building blocks or chiplets in a package. This shift will enable the creation of semi-custom solutions tailored to the OEM’s choices regarding performance, automotive I/O, AI and other accelerators. It also presents an opportunity to assemble these building blocks like customizable LEGO sets, significantly reducing costs. 

Our presentation will delve into the valuable lessons learned from high-performance compute markets that have already embraced chiplet-based architectures. We aim to dissect the benefits of this transition in terms of scalability, cost efficiency, and performance enhancements. 

Moreover, we'll examine the automotive industry's journey towards adopting chiplets and identify the remaining areas that need attention to fully exploit their potential to revolutionize automotive computing, driving innovation and efficiency across the industry. 



The focus topics for the 2024 conference will include discussions on the software-defined carhardware and software integrationpower supply technologiesadvancements in semiconductors for automotive applications, the role of artificial intelligence in the automotive industry, as well as sustainability and resiliency efforts within the sector. Additionally, there will be sessions dedicated to exploring simulation tools and methodologies for automotive electronics development.

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