/BioProcess International Asia 2024

BioProcess International Asia 2024

21 - 23 October 2024 | Kyoto, Japan

Asia's leading bioprocessing event for learning how to drive down costs, improve timelines, and navigate the regulatory landscape for biologics and novel modalities.


Imec will be be giving the following presentation. 

Advanced Analytical Technologies for Better, Faster and more Integrated PAT

Speaker: Olivier Henry, Program Director, Life Sciences (imec) 

Bioprocesses require constant monitoring, traditionally done through time-consuming tests on-site or in specialized labs. Recent advances in micro- and nano-technologies have led to highly miniaturized sensors for real-time and at-line monitoring. This supports the industry's shift towards continuous manufacturing and real-time product release. Imec utilizes chip technology to revolutionize healthcare and life sciences, collaborating with partners to develop next-generation technologies with extreme sensitivity and miniaturization. This presentation will showcase recent breakthroughs, including a compact sensor chip for in-situ monitoring, a rapid immunosensor array for at-line contaminant quantification, and a multiplexed PCR chip with lens-free imaging for at-line bioburden monitoring. These advancements enhance productivity and product quality in bioprocessing.


Bioprocessing Asia 2024 is a key gathering for professionals in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, focusing on driving down costs, improving development timelines, and navigating the regulatory landscape for biologics and novel modalities. The conference will feature expert presentations, case studies, and discussions on the latest trends and technologies in bioprocessing. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with global leaders from Asia, the USA, and Europe, share best practices, and explore innovations that can accelerate biologics development and production. 

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