/Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing and Commercialization Europe

Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing and Commercialization Europe

05 - 08 December 2022 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The european cell and gene therapy congress for ground breaking manufacturing, commercialisation & supply chain strategies


Liesbet Lagae, Research Fellow & Program Director Life Sciences Technologies at imec, will present Imec’s latest  results in the field of nano electronic solutions and chip technologies to make the CGT manufacturing process more efficient, scalable and standardised. 
Nanoelectronics, the Key to Scalable Cell-Therapy Precision, Turnaround Time and Yield
The CGT manufacturing process needs to become more efficient, scalable and standardized to guarantee a safe and efficacious therapy for numerous patients. Nanoelectronic solutions and chip technology can contribute to tackling these challenges, ultimately aiming at a manufacturing site with single-patient miniature smart bioreactors. By creating a toolset for precise measurements and manipulations that can be used anywhere and anytime, we will shift the burden of transporting samples, saving a lot of time. In this talk, we will present recent results on some of the building blocks for this evolution: a high-definition single-cell electroporation chip with more than 16,000 individually addressable and densely packed microelectrodes; a compact, wireless, multiparameter sensor for in-line and in-situ monitoring of critical process parameters; a multiplexed PCR chip for at-line bioburden monitoring; and a data analytics approach for dealing with multitype longitudinal data remotely as a step towards precise, and autonomous biomanufacturing of the future.

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World renowned leaders share the latest analytical techniques & vector technologies to revolutionise your cell, gene & gene edited ex vivo cell therapy programs.

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