28 - 31 May 2024 | Denver, Colorado


Imec will be present at the 2024 IEEE 74th Electronic Components and Technology Conference with no less than 22 papers, of which 17 first-authored. 

Imec contributions

Wednesday 29 May, 2024 

Session 2: Advanced Die-to-Wafer Hybrid Bonding for Heterogeneous Integration 

  • Direct Die-to-Wafer Hybrid Bonding Using Plasma Diced Dies and Bond Pad Pitch Scaling Down to 2 µm, P. Bex et al.  

Session 8: Sub-Micron Scaling in Wafer-to-Wafer Hybrid Bonding 

  • Scaling Cu/SiCN Wafer-to-Wafer Hybrid Bonding Down to 400nm Interconnect Pitch, B. Zhang et al.  

Session 9: Advanced Processes for Chip Stacking 

  • IR Laser Release for 3D Stacked Devices: Effect of the Release Stack Structure on the Debonding Mechanism, F. Chancerel et al 

  • Process Development and Characterization of Ru-Based UBM for In Bumps Interconnects Integration for Quantum Assemblies, H. Le Tulzo et al. (co-authored by imec) 

Session 10: Novel 3D Integration and Hybrid Bonding Solutions 

  • Investigation of Distortion in Wafer-to-Wafer Bonding With Highly Bowed Wafers, S. Kang et al. 

Session 12: Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Modeling Approaches 

  • Experimentally Validated Thermal Modeling Prediction for BEOL and BSPDN Stacks, X. Chang et al.  

Thursday, 30 May, 2024 

Session 16: Reliability of High-Density and High-Power Packages 

  • Reliability Investigations of Advanced Photosensitive Polymer Based RDL Processes Protected by Inorganic Capping Layers, E. Chery  

  • BGA Electromigration Performance and Why it Has Become the Bottleneck, R. Labie et al.  

Session 18: Radio Frequency Antenna-in-Package and Component Design 

  • RF Modelling and Characterization of TSV and Inductive Links of Hybrid Bonding, X. Sun et al. 

Session 19: 3D Integration Copper-Copper Hybrid Bonding 

  • Methodologies for Characterization of W2W Bonding Strength, M. Gonzalez et al. 

Session 20: Novel High-Density 3D & Thru-Via Structures and Processes 

  • 3D Interconnects for Quantum Computing, J. Derakhshandeh 

Session 39: Interactive Presentations 3 

  • Multi-Tier Die Stacking Through Collective Die-to-Wafer Hybrid Bonding, K. Kennes et al.  

  • Simulation of Bulge-Out Mechanism Enabling Sub-0.5 µm Scaling of Hybrid Wafer-to-Wafer Bonding, J. De Messemaeker et al.  

  • Wet Cu Passivation for High Throughput Fluxless Thermal Compression Bonding of Cu-Sn µbumps for Die-to-Wafer Stacking, J. Rip et al.  

  • Exploring Bonding Mechanisms of SiCN for Hybrid Bonding 
    S. Ebiko et al. (co-authored by imec) 

Session 40: Interactive Presentations 4 

  • Investigation on the Use of Al-Ge Eutectic Bonding in the Structural Part of a Multilayer Stacked MEMS Device, J. Wang et al.  

Friday, 31 May, 2024 

Session 25: High-Performance Computing, Design Challenges, and Solutions 

  • Block Level and Package Level Thermal Assessment for Back Side Power Delivery Network, M. Lofrano et al.  

Session 26: Chiplet Interconnect Design and Validation 

  • Impact of Pitch Scaling on 3D Die-to-Die Interconnects, N. Pantano et al.  

  • A 32GB/s Full Duplex Bi-Directional Transceiver With Crosstalk Cancellation for Chiplet Interconnections, J.-W. Park et al (co-authored by imec)  

Session 28: Optical Interconnections 

  • Interfacing Silicon Photonics for CPO, G. Van Steenberge et al.  

Session 33: Fine-Pitch Materials and Processes 

  • 20 μm Pitch Cu-to-Cu Flip-Chip Bonding Through Cu Nanoparticles Sintering, X. Ji et al. (co-authored by imec) 

Session 34: Photonics Integration, Materials, and Processes 

  • Collective Die-to-Wafer Assembly Process for Optically Interconnected System-on-Wafer, K. Kennes et al. 

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