/EIC Scaling Club 2024

EIC Scaling Club 2024

09 - 10 April 2024 | Belgium

EIC Ignition Forum


April 10th :

Keynote by Jo De Boeck, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer


The Ignition Forum, supported by the Belgian EU Council Presidency, is the launch event of the EIC Scaling Club. It aims to kickstart the ambitious growth journey of the first 48 companies selected to join our exclusive Club, while sparking their motivation and establishing a sense of trust and collaboration.

The Forum will launch the first 4 Market Opportunity Groups, each with 12 Companies, along with specialised and committed Mentors, Investors, Corporations and Agencies as Member Teams of the Club. This event will also include Teams of EU and Horizon Europe governmental scaling champions to take part in the Forum’s Programme.

Member Participants:

48 select companies
48 independent board-level mentors
40+ venture capital, growth and family investors
40+ corporate innovation or venturing executives
40+ agency or cluster specialists

And invited champions of governments aiming to foster the scaling up of deep tech business and impact.


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