/EPIC Online Quantum Technology Meeting

EPIC Online Quantum Technology Meeting

April 23, 2021 | Online

This meeting promises to be a real “meeting of the minds” leading to unique business development opportunities. We plan to select the key players along the entire quantum photonics supply chain. We will connect them with leading component suppliers (including Lasers at specific frequencies, Single-Photon Sources and Detectors, Integrated Photonics for manipulation of atoms/photons, Diamond components) with instrument and system integrators (Low light cameras, Time-gated spectroscopy systems, Single Photon and long-range LIDARs, All-Optical Data Storage, Gravity sensors), to push forward the industrialization of Quantum Photonics technologies.


Amin Abbasi - Photonic integrated technology as an enabler platform for scalable quantum systems. (15u)

Integrated photonic technology is the backbone of our internet and global networking. It also penetrates more innovative application domains such as quantum computing, sensing, and healthcare, where scalability, cost, and performance are the critical parameters. At imec, we have developed two photonic platforms to answer these emerging application domains: Si photonics and SiN photonics. We are running these platforms as a product in CMOS-line, where state-of-the-art infrastructures are used for manufacturing on 200 & 300 mm wafers with the capability to run the volume.

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