/European AI Week 2022

European AI Week 2022

14 - 18 March 2022 | Online

The European Artificial Intelligence Week


AI is not only a story of big datacenters. With the explosion of Internet of Things devices, a lot of opportunities are created for providing intelligence at the edge of the network as well.

AI at the edge can help in making AI more privacy aware, latency optimized, etc. In this session, we’ll talk about different perspectives towards edge AI. We cover both software and hardware aspects and cover both AI components (chips, algorithms) up to end-to-end applications (semi-autonomous shipping).

  • The future of AI is enactive, Tim Verbelen, Post-doctoral researcher, Ghent University – imec
  • DIANA – an energy efficient AI-chip for the edge, Peter Debacker, Program Manager, imec
  • Vincent Spruyt, Global Chief AI Officer, Reprise Digital
  • Past, present and future of technologies for smart radar sensing, Ilja Ocket,Program Manager, imec
  • Semi-Autonomous Shipping on inland waterways, Najmeh Masoudi-Dionne, R&D Director, SEAFAR
  • Data driven control in the real world, Siegfried Mercelis, Program Manager, University of Antwerp – imec


A full week to discover the influence and the potential of AI in society, in your private & professional life, today and tomorrow. Enjoy (free) inspiring talks – workshops – best practices – opportunities - from Belgium, Europe and beyond. Organized by the AI4Belgium ecosystem and its partner, with the support of the Regions and the federal public services, for everybody – expert or not.

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