/GSA Entrepreneurship Conference – supported by imec

GSA Entrepreneurship Conference – supported by imec

March 23, 2021 | Online

Together with GSA (Global Semiconductor Alliance),  imec has pulled together an impressive line-up of the promising and successful start-ups from the technology ecosystem and decision makers from the corporate and venturing community. Check out the program of the GSA Entrepreneurship Conference and sign up today.  


Luc Van den hove | President and CEO | imec

Vinod Khosla | Founder | Khosla Ventures

Lip-Bu Tan | Founder and Chairman | Walden International

Jonathan Rothberg | Chairman and Founder | 4Catalyzer

Nigel Toon | co-Founder and CEO | Graphcore

Amin Shokrollahi | Founder and CEO | Kandou Bus

Tammy Kiely | co-Head of Technology Investment Banking | Goldman Sachs

Orr Danon | co-Founder and CEO | Hailo

Dede Goldschmidt | VP and Managing Director | Samsung Catalyst Fund

Quinn Li | SVP and Global Head | Qualcomm Ventures

Anthony Lin | VP and Senior Managing Director | Intel Capital

Zachary Vernon / Head of Hardware / Xanadu AI

Peter Vanbekbergen / Managing Partner / imec.xpand

Soukaina Adnane / Founder and VP Product / Onera

Samira Kaissi / CEO / Capri Medical An Nguyen-Dinh | CEO | Cairdac

Murielle Thinard-McLane / co-Founder and CEO / Nooma Bio

Kee Hyun Paik / co-Founder and President / Multerra Bio

Claude Florin / CEO, co-Founder and Managing Director / Fastree3D

Chuck Gershman / co-Founder and CEO / Owl Autonomous Imaging

Jan-Bjørnar Lund / CEO / Novelda

Gaute Myklebust / co-Founder and CTO / Mywo

Maksym Plakhotnyuk / Founder and CEO / Atlant 3D Nanosystems

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