/Health Meets Hardware

Health Meets Hardware

March 20, 2024 | Sportoase, Leuven, Belgium

During 'Health Meets Hardware' on Wednesday, March 20, we cross-pollinate Flemish, Belgian and European pioneers in product development and health care. On our 'Catwalk of Innovation' we show the pinnacle of what Flanders has to offer in health care devices: with keynotes, panle discussions and a real catwalk show for top devices. We bring both content and entertainment!

At 'Health Meets Hardware' we combine innovation with bold ideas and new perspectives , aimed at the 'Future Generations'. This is the go-to event for innovative health sector in 2024!

With keynotes by Jo De Boeck (Chief Technology Officer & Chief Strategy Officer imec), Chris Van Hoof (Vice-President R&D imec) and a showcase of imec's neuroprobe technology by Marleen Welkenhuysen.

A real catwalk for health care devices?

A dazzling show with lights, music and visual effects? Check.
Top-notch keynotes that will amaze you? Double check.
Inspiring stories from and by patients whose lives have been dramatically changed for the better? Triple check.
'Health meets Hardware' highlights the innovations of the future, starting from the patient's perspective, now and in our 'Future Generations'.

A dazzling catwalk show with visual effects takes you through the innovations of the future from the patient's point of view. Hand-tailored to our 'Future Generations'.

Top speakers with catching content

Listen to our keynote speaker Jo De Boeck, CTO/CSO at imec, the Flemish flagship of the microchip and nanotech world. Or get carried away by the compelling testimonial from Patient X, a paraplegic patient who tells how he can walk again, thanks to the Dutch company Onward and the Flemish technology of Comate!

In the policy debate we map out how Flemish policy makers, network organizations and entrepreneurs can strengthen each other to make Flanders the hub where healthcare and hardware development go hand in hand.

During the 'Patient ft. Inventors Debate' we focus on innovations within the deep brain stimulation world. Deep brain stimulation can alleviate symptoms of various conditions, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Did you know Flanders has a leading role in this domain?
In this debate - co-curated by Health House - we bring together a patient, a surgeon and the industry within the DBS world, for the very first time in Flanders! How does a Parkinson patient experience everyday reality? And where can the medical professional make a difference? Thanks to which innovative technologies?

Innovative showcases from all over Flanders

Companies from all over Flanders are coming to Leuven with their most talked-about health care devices. From smart contact lenses, multi-deployable satellite rescue watches, medical drone transport, ... to AR glasses that convert the most complicated data into understandable data!

Expect a wide range of innovations: at 'Health meets Hardware' you'll see the Champions League of medical devices and health care devices.

The event will be entirely in English.

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