Highly accurate and secure distance measurement using Bluetooth® Low Energy technology
/Highly accurate and secure distance measurement using Bluetooth® Low Energy technology

Highly accurate and secure distance measurement using Bluetooth® Low Energy technology

May 24, 2022 | Webinar on demand

An imec webinar, supported by Bluetooth SIG

Keep 1.5 meter distance. For the past two years, that instruction was everywhere. And we all experienced how hard it could be to observe it. Naturally, we looked towards technology for help.  Bluetooth technology, a ubiquitous wireless standard in every smartphone, was a logical ally for social distancing or contact tracing.

Using the current Bluetooth distance measurement via RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication), the accuracy of the distance is in the meter range. Further refining this would enhance not only contact tracing but also other use cases such as location-based services, secure access, and proximity applications.

To improve distance measurement accuracy using Bluetooth technology, imec’s researchers developed a system that can reach sub-meter precision through phase-based distance measurement and advanced signal processing – even below 30 cm when using multiple antennas and intelligent algorithms. In addition, using a secure distance bounding protocol, man-in-the-middle attacks that falsify the proximity of a device can be prevented.

In this imec webinar, Henry Wong, senior manager at Bluetooth SIG will provide an overview on location services, the fastest-growing solution area for Bluetooth technology.  He will talk about key use cases using current Bluetooth distance and direction finding implementations as well as the upcoming high-accuracy distance measurement capability that will continue to add higher accuracy and security to Bluetooth Location Services.

Imec program director Christian Bachmann will explain in detail:

  • how a combination of phase-based distance measurement and advanced signal processing can drastically increase the accuracy of 2.4 GHz Bluetooth LE radios
  • how this system performs in challenging environments such as indoor locations with lots of reflection
  • which future use cases can be enabled by this technology

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henry wong

Henry Wong is responsible for market development at Bluetooth SIG, working with Bluetooth member companies and other influencers to identify opportunities in strategic markets and develops plans and programs to grow awareness of key Bluetooth development and adoption projects, such as networked lighting control, digital key, and broadcast audio.

Joining the Bluetooth SIG in 2020, Henry has an extensive background in IC design, product marketing, business development, product management, and product development. He is also an inventor who holds multiple patents.

christiaan bachmann

After Henry has set the scene, Christian Bachmann will dive deeper into the latest developments surrounding ultra-wideband. Christian is Program Manager Ultra-Wideband and Bluetooth Secure Proximity at imec.

He oversees imec’s ultra-wideband and Bluetooth Micro-Location Programs, which enable next-gen automotive, medical, and IoT applications. Christian joined imec in 2011, after working with Infineon Technologies and the Graz University of Technology. During his career, he has covered a broad spectrum of wireless communication solutions for 802.11ah Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, 802.15.4 (Zigbee), and ultra-wideband impulse radio.

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