/IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium

IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium

11 - 16 June 2023 | San Diego, California

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June 13,2023 - Paper Presentation by Senne Gielen, Yang Zhang, Mark Ingels, Patrick Reynaert

IoT Transmitter and sub-THz Power Amplifiers

The first paper presents a passive mixer in 22nm FD-SOI technology for low power cartesian transmitter. The second paper showcases a D-band SiGe HBT PA module providing high output power (>20dBm) and linearity from 110 to 170GHz. The third paper demonstrates a transformer-based InP HBT PA with high linear power (20dBm) and efficiency (>20%) in D-Band. The last paper presents a SiGe HBT PA operating at 300GHz in a 130nm BiCMOS technology using capacitive feedback.

A D-band 20.4 dBm OP1dB Transformer-Based Power Amplifier With23.6% PAE In A 250-nm InP HBT Technology

This paper presents a high-efficiency transformer-based D-band power amplifier (PA) in 250-nm InP HBT. The PA has a saturated output power of 21 dBm and peak power-added efficiency (PAE) of 23.6 %. The small-signal gain and bandwidth are 19.8 dB and 24.4 GHz respectively. Careful design of the biasing networks and a transformer-based common-base topology result in a record OP1dB and associated PAE of 20.4 dBm and 23% respectively. To the author's best knowledge this is the highest PAE ever reported at P1dB for D-band power amplifiers. This paper also presents the first modulated measurements of a D-band power amplifier in 250-nm InP HBT. The PA achieves record average output power and average PAE of minimum 15.7 dBm and 10.6% respectively during modulated measurements up to 20 Gb/s with 16-QAM modulation.

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The 2023 IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium (RFIC 2023) is the premier forum focused exclusively on presenting the latest research results in RF, millimeter-wave, and wireless integrated circuits. Continuing in 2023 RFIC has expanded its focus to include systems, applications, and interactive demonstrations, including mobile systems for 5G and beyond, radar, terahertz, biomedical, and optoelectronic systems.

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