13 - 16 December 2023 | San Diego, California

The SISC provides a unique forum for device engineers, solid-state physicists, and materials scientists to discuss issues of common interest. Principal topics for discussion at SISC are semiconductor/insulator interfaces, the physics of insulating thin films, and the interaction among materials science, device physics, and state-of-the-art technology.


Invited talk on Entering a New Era of Nanosheet-based FET Device Architectures with Increased FEOL-BEOL Synergies by Dr. Anabela Veloso, Principal Member of Technical Staff

Dec 14, 2023:

Paper presentation

– Why do ferroelectrics offer the lowest­power nonvolatile memory mechanism?

J. Van Houdt1,2 , S. Clima1 , J. Bizindavyi1 , and P. Roussel1 , 1 imec, Belgium, 2U. Leuven, Belgium

– Computational Study of Contact Resistance as Function of Contact Length in Top­Contacted Two­Dimensional Materials,

E. Deylgat1,2,3 , S. R. Evans1 , B. Sorée2,3,4 , and W. G. Vandenberghe1 , 1UT Dallas, 2U. Leuven, Belgium, 3 imec, Belgium, 4U. Antwerp, Belgium


– Impact of Thermal Anneal on the Surface Properties of Synthetic Monolayer WS2

Z. Lin1,2 , S. Dekelver1,2 , D. Cott1 , B. Groven1 , P. Morin1 , D. Lin1 , and A. Delabie1,2 , 1 imec, Belgium, 2U. Leuven, Belgium

– Feasibility of accelerating the wake­up in HZO­based ferroelectric capacitors by optimizing cycling temperature and applied electric

J. Bizindavyi1 , M. I. Popovici1 , S. Mukherjee1,2 , A. Belmonte1 , G. S. Kar1 , and J. Van Houdt1,2 , 1 imec, Belgium, 2U. Leuven, Belgium

– Image­Force Barrier Lowering of Schottky Barriers in Two­Dimensional Materials as a Function of Metal Contact Angle

S. R. Evans1 , E. Deylgat1,2,3 , and W. G. Vandenberghe1 , 1UT Dallas, 2U. Leuven, Belgium, 3 imec, Belgium

Dec 15, 2023:

Paper presentation

Invited – Entering a New Era of Nanosheet FET­based Device Architectures with Increased FEOL­BEOL Synergies

A. Veloso, G. Eneman, P. Matagne, B. Vermeersch, H. Arimura, B. O’Sullivan, C. Porret, and N. Horiguchi, imec, Belgium

– Impact of MoS2 grain size on Dit(E) distributions and MOSFET performance

X. Wu1 , V. K. Mootheri1,2 , Y. Shi1,2 , D. Cott1 , B. Groven1 , H. M. Silva1 , P. Morin1 , J. F. de Marneffe1 , I. Asselberghs1 , L. Goux1 , C. J. L. de la Rosa1 , G. S. Kar1 , M. Heyns1,2 , and D. Lin1 , 1 imec, Belgium, 2U. Leuven, Belgium

– Ferroelectric capacitive memory window: asymmetry engineering, pulse­based non­destructive read, and analytical understanding from thermodynamic potential framework

S. Mukherjee1,2 , J. Bizindavyi1 , S. Clima1 , Y. Xiang1 , M. I. Popovici1 , P. Bagul1,2 , G. De1,2 , N. Bazzazian1 , F. Catthoor1,2 , S. Yu3 , V. V. Afanas’ev1,2 , and J. Van Houdt1,2 , 1 imec, Belgium, 2U. Leuven, Belgium, 3Georgia Tech


Event Details

This year's SISC will continue the long-standing tradition of presenting an award memorializing Prof. E. H. Nicollian. The award will be given for the best student presentation. Ed Nicollian was a pioneer in the exploration of metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) systems. His contributions were important to establishing SISC in its early years, and he served as the Technical Chair in 1982. With John Brews, he wrote the definitive book MOS Physics and Technology.

Additionally, the SISC T. P. Ma Award will be presented to the lead student author of a poster presentation. Prof. T. P. Ma was an internationally recognized pioneer of semiconductor science and technology, with notable contributions to high-k dielectrics, ferroelectrics and ionizing radiations. He has been actively participating to SISC along his entire career, contributing to the continued success of the conference.

SISC is sponsored by the IEEE Electron Devices Society.

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