/IFPAC Annual meeting 2023

IFPAC Annual meeting 2023

04 - 07 June 2023 | North Bethesda, USA

A Framework for the future advanced manufacturing quality & innovation



Wednesday 7 June, 5PM: Advanced semiconductor-based analytical technologies for better, faster and more integrated PAT - Olivier Henry

Bioprocesses involve complex process flow that require to be monitored at every step. Today this is mainly done by time-consuming tests, either on-site or in a specialized off-site lab. 
Advances in micro- and nano- technologies realized over the past decade have led to the development of highly miniaturized and performing sensors. These can be used in situ for real time monitoring, or at-line for rapid testing at the point of need, and hence support the industry towards continuous manufacturing and real-time release of therapeutic products as well as support process intensification requirements.
Imec is a world-leading research and innovation centre in nanoelectronics and digital technologies and brings the power of chip technology to the world of healthcare.Together with its partners in life sciences, pharma, biotech, MedTech, imec develops next generation technologies requiring extremely high sensitivity, massive parallelization, and miniaturization.
In this talk, we will present recent results on some of our building blocks in that direction: a compact, multiparameter sensor chip for in-situ monitoring of critical process parameters; a rapid immunosensor array for at-line contaminant quantification and a multiplexed PCR chip for at-line bioburden monitoring.

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