/IISW23 International Image Sensor Workshop 2023

IISW23 International Image Sensor Workshop 2023

21 - 25 May 2023 | Scotland, UK

The 2023 International Image Sensor Workshop (IISW), now in its 37th year, will unite the image sensor community in an open exchange of information on innovative work on solid-state image sensors.


Wednesday 24th May - Beyond Visible & Scientific Imaging Session

A Thin-Film Pinned-Photodiode Imager Pixel with Fully Monolithic Fabrication

Paper Presentation by - Joo Hyoung Kim (IMEC)*; Epimitheas Georgitzikis (imec); Minhyun Jin (Dongguk University); Yannick Hermans (imec); Naresh Chandrasekaran (imec); Abu Bakar Siddik (imec); Florian De Roose (imec); Griet Uytterhoeven (Imec); et al.


Visit imec at the  Holland Pavillion booth: A2.231

Event Details

The International Image Sensor Workshop (IISW) is the world’s largest technology forum fully devoted to solid-state image sensors. The scope of the workshop includes all aspects of electronic image sensor research, design, and development. The workshop papers span across a wide range of imaging devices and research topics: pixel physics, image sensor design and performance, application-specific imagers, manufacturing techniques such as wafer stacking and backside illumination, and on-chip optics.

Applications include consumer mobile image sensor devices, large-format devices for X-ray and astronomy, time-resolving and photon-counting imagers, and radiation-hardened image sensors.

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