/ India Smart Manufacturing Conference 2023

India Smart Manufacturing Conference 2023

07 - 09 December 2023 | Gandhinagar, India

Accelerating Smart Solutions in the Indian Manufacturing Ecosystem


Guest Talk on AI as a Disruptive Technology in Semiconductor Manufacturing: Challenges and Probable Solutions by Bappaditya Dey 

Event Details

The India Smart Manufacturing Conference 2023 is meeting the incredible demand for interoperability at all levels of the manufacturing ecosystem. We empower sponsors and delegates to link their cutting-edge smart technology businesses into thriving tech super-clusters. In an era of transformed supply chain dynamics, radically customer-centric product design, and heightened productivity goals, this summit serves as the ultimate platform for accelerating smart manufacturing outcomes through innovative data-driven partnerships.

In 2023 our aim is to deliver invaluable insights into connected technology within every manufacturing sector, transformative solutions for digital supply chains, open platforms for manufacturing, and the most impactful data-driven business capabilities: Digital Twins, AI, ML, IoT, and Cloud integration.


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