/International Nanofluidics Conference

International Nanofluidics Conference

21 - 25 January 2024 | Lenzerheide, Switzerland

The International Nanofluidics Conference brings together renowned scientists, engineers, and researchers from around the globe to share the latest advancements and innovations in the rapidly evolving nanofluidics field.


Imec will be present with presentations, and at the poster sessions. For more information, please reach out to us at health@imec.be


Nanofluidics, the study and manipulation of fluids at the nanoscale, has emerged as a vital interdisciplinary research area with far-reaching applications in fields such as energy, healthcare, materials science, and environmental sustainability. This small focused GRC-style conference aims to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas, providing an unparalleled platform for attendees to present their cutting-edge research, learn from others, and forge invaluable connections.

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