/INTERSECT workshop

INTERSECT workshop

10 - 12 November 2021 | Barcelona, Spain | Hybrid live and virtual

International workshop on Advanced Materials-to-Device Solutions for Synaptic Electronics

This workshop aims at connecting academic research, R&D labs, and industry on the theme of synaptic electronics and neuromorphic computing, with a specific focus on the role of materials on the efficiency and design of next-generation devices.

The workshop will bring together experimental and theoretical experts in the field of electrical engineering, physics, chemistry, and materials science to discuss the main open problems and solutions for the development of volatile and non-volatile memories and memristors. Particular attention will be dedicated to materials-to-device modelling and to innovative interoperable automatic workflows for industry-driven applications, in close connection with the experimental side.

The workshop, organized within the activity of the EU project INTERSECT, is free and open to scientific oral and poster contributions.

The INTERSECT workshop will take place in a hybrid format. Attendance in person in Barcelona, Spain, is welcome. More information about the venue of the conference can be found here. If you are not able to attend in person, an online version of the workshop will be also available.


Ben Kaczer is part of the Scientific committee and imec is a partner in this workshop.

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