/ISBM 2023

ISBM 2023

21 - 23 June 2023 | Porto, Portugal

Next Generation Biomonitoring


Paper Presentation by Carolina Blanch on Hyperspectral imaging as an exposure assessment tool


12th International Symposium on Biological Monitoring in Occupational and Environmental Health will be held on June 21-23, 2023, in Porto, Portugal.


This Congress is organised by the Portuguese National Institute of Health (INSA, I.P.), the Institute of Public Health of the University of Porto (ISPUP), and the Scientific Committee of Occupational Toxicology (SCOT) of the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH), in collaboration with other ICOH’s Scientific Committees, namely the Scientific Committee on Nanomaterial Workers’ Health, the Scientific Committee of Rural Health: Agriculture, Pesticides and Organic Dusts and the Scientific Committee of Toxicology of Metals. ISBM-12: Next Generation Biomonitoring will continue the ISBM congress series with a multidisciplinary and holistic view of the latest developments in the Human Biomonitoring (HBM) sciences, bringing together world’s leading scientists, experts, and students. State of the art developments in different topics of HBM (e.g., biomarkers, risk assessment, and regulation), new methodologies and developing expertise will be covered in different presentation formats (keynote lectures, oral and poster sessions).

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