ITF Flanders 2024
/ITF Flanders 2024

ITF Flanders 2024

May 22, 2024 | Antwerp, Belgium | In conjunction with ITF World 2024.

Imec’s flagship event on tech innovation for Flanders

Special 40th anniversary edition.

Flanders’ innovation-driven mindset has always been a key catalyst for our strong economy and society.

With advanced technology as an unparalleled booster, we shape disruptive and sustainable solutions to tackle today's massive challenges.

Imec – turning 40 in 2024! – is proud to support many Flemish businesses and policy makers through our unique open innovation model. Together, we leverage the power of microchips and digital technologies to create profound impact in application domains as diverse as health, mobility, energy & environment, and robotics & AI.

At ITF Flanders 2024 imec brings together all these different stakeholders for an inspiring tech conference & exhibition in a special, festive atmosphere.

Join us to explore the tech future for Flanders and celebrate imec’s 40th anniversary.

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