/MicroFab Summit 2021

MicroFab Summit 2021

02 - 04 November 2021 | Online

MicroFab Summit 2021 focuses on the emerging and most remarkable fabrication techniques for sensors and MEMS devices. The goal of the event is to showcase the current state-of-the-art fabrication techniques and manufacturing trends, as well as to discuss emerging and innovative process technologies such as new materials, 3D micro and nano printing, new types of substrates, plastic and paper processes, and flexible hybrid assembly techniques. Special emphasis will be made on the fabrication of “More than Moore” (MtM) devices.

According to our research, the sensors, MEMS, and MtM device market will reach an “inflection point” in the 2022-2023 timeframe which will change the economics of production to dramatically reduce costs and, therefore, significantly increase the utilization of micro devices throughout major industrial segments. Given this “inflection point” and the sharp reduction in production costs, can the market grow to $100 billion and 1 trillion micro devices per year by 2025? We believe this can happen. Already, the MtM/sensors/microtech/MEMS market has been the “shining star” within the overall semiconductor market sector, and the economy as a whole.

MicroFab Summit 2021 will provide a networking platform for the leading technology and business experts, and will also bring the MtM/sensors/microtech/MEMS “brain trust” together. We invite you to attend this two-day conference which will showcase major technological breakthroughs and emerging high volume applications.

Conference Topics

  • Emerging fabrication techniques for MtM, sensors, microtech, and MEMS devices
  • Impacts of enabling process technologies on new and emerging applications
  • Business trends, market projections, M&A developments, and startup activity
  • Supply chain trends and challenges, ecosystem perspectives, government regulations, and international trade dynamics
  • Advanced packaging, assembly, and test technologies
  • Emerging materials for MtM, sensors, microtech, and MEMS devices
  • Platform-based design vs. “pure play” foundries approaches, IDM vs. fabless approaches
  • Cost management and reduction for MtM, sensors, microtech, and MEMS devices
  • Scaling, yield improvement, rapid prototyping, and high volume production
  • Innovation and emerging trends with EDA software and simulation tools
  • Emerging process technologies such as TSVs, 3D stacking, wafer level packaging, CMOS MEMS integration, NEMS and nanotech, polymer and glass microfabrication, novel materials and coatings, lamination techniques, FHE, biochips, microfluidics, MOEMS and silicon photonics, as well as ultra-thin and flexible substrates


Jelle Fondu presenting on Advanced process technology for new medical and consumer applications.

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