/ Neuro-Inspired Computing Elements (NICE) Conference 2023

Neuro-Inspired Computing Elements (NICE) Conference 2023

11 - 14 April 2023 | San Antonio, US

To bring together researchers from different scientific disciplines and application areas, for development of next generation information processing and computation architectures that go beyond stored program architecture and Moore’s Law limits.


Wednesday, 12 April 2023 - 14:15‑14:40 - HDC: Hyperdimensional Computing with Scalable Hypervector Sparsity
Authors: Ali Safa, Ilja Ocket, Francky Catthoor and Georges Gielen.

In this talk, we introduce SupportHDC, a novel HDC design framework that can jointly optimize system accuracy and sparsity in an automated manner, in order to trade off classification performance and hardware implementation overheads. We illustrate the inner working of the framework on two bio-signal classification tasks: cancer detection and arrhythmia detection. We show how SupportHDC enables the system designer to choose the final design solution from the accuracy-sparsity trade-off curve produced by the framework. The python code for reproducing our experiments is released as open-source with the hope of being beneficial to future research.

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The 2023 Neuro-Inspired Computing Elements (NICE) Conference is the 10th annual meeting of researchers in the neural computing field. Like previous editions, NICE 2023 will focus on the interplay between neural theory, neural algorithms, neuromorphic architectures and hardware, and applications for neural computing technology.  

NICE aims to involve diverse participation from all over the world and bring together research communities with universities, government, and industry.

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